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This is incredible and I fully agree with your line of thinking here. This is the single most impactful mode of positive change  in my mind-- I actually wrote my senior thesis on this if you would be interested in reading it. Some of my favorite organizations who are thought leaders in this space are B Corps and Imperative 21. 


The marriage between profit and purpose allows us to reform our current economic system without having to tear the whole thing down. Having the mentality of stakeholder capitalism as opposed to shareholder capitalism seems like it aligns with EAs view of longtermism. 


If you are actively working on anything in this space, I would love to contribute wherever I can. 

Thats awesome you are working on this. Updating applicants on the status of their applicants is a very easy thing to do. Even done in a mass email format is much more respectful towards the candidates career search and aspirations. 

There actually is an organization doing this (that I won't name) which I had a horrible experience with. I think they are focused on doing hiring better from an organizational standpoint as opposed to advocating for the candidates. 

This is clearly a problem across all industries, the hiring process is extremely out of touch right now. I was just hoping for better from EA. 

You can also apply for a EA web3 grant here! 



When you say pegged to the dollar -- is it pegged to the US Dollar?

I do agree that EA does sort of take an elitist approach which shuns people who don't come from an academic background -- which is a shame because it definitely stifles creativity and innovation. Even though I am from am elite American institution, finding an EA career has been incredibly difficult because the community is quite closed off. In my experience, if you are not a researcher within one of their pre selected fields, you are not worth their time. There is a significant drive to have positive impact paired with a significant lack of empathy. Again, these are just my experiences but I know many people agree with this point. Definitely something to look into for EA from a culture perspective. Inclusivity and adding more world views can only add value. There is a place for everyone here

Hey FTX Future Fund, 


I am a web3 native that studied social entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley inspired by the EA community. I would love to offer my time as a volunteer to help with anything from due diligence to operations to social media and community building!