Hi All, 

I am a member of a web3 group, FTT DAO, that was born out of a mutual admiration for Sam Bankman Fried. While we are not affiliated with FTX, they know we exist and follow us! I would say we are mostly a group of web3 fans who were introduced to EA through following Sam! We would like to put on an online event where a member from the EA community comes and speaks to inform us more about what this community is about, how we can get involved and maybe answer any questions our community members might have. I think this is a super cool confluence between EA and web3 and we are excited about the opportunity for future teachings. Would love to also educate some of the EA community on harnessing the incredible powers of web3 for good! 

Let me know if you are interested or know anyone that may be!


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I personally don't feel qualified to represent EA in a talk, but you and the FTT DAO members might be interested in a UBI-generating currency: Global Income Coin, a project that's both web3 and EA concepts.