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"Our data shows that a founder who starts now and runs a charity for three years will outperform (at running a charity) someone who does two years work experience in a consultancy and then starts running a charity for a year. In short, start early and learn the most applicable things as you go along." 


I'd be super interested in seeing the detailed data here if possible!

Order the recent TIME Magazine issue about effective altruism 

If you're in the US or Canada, you can order a copy of the recent TIME Magazine issue about effective altruism with the link here!

This is from  a couple months ago: in large part due to the advocacy of New York kidney donors in the EA community, this bill passed the NY state assembly, which will reimburse kidney donors and may save around 100 lives a year. It still needs to be signed into law by the governor, but it's very likely to, and EAs are already on the ball to lobby for its passing! 

Jumping in here — Will is doing a couple events which involved large purchases for attendees, and several university groups also made large orders for Fall 2022 reading groups back in the early summer, when we were driving early sales to ensure the publisher would do a large enough first print of the book. This played an important role in the book not selling out or running low on copies early on (as Superintelligence did, which caused shipping delays on launch day), as reprints can take over a month and the publisher’s original plan was to print as many copies as they do for a typical philosophy book (ie. very few, and possibly even fewer than typical due to industry-wide supply chain issues). Overall, these purchases constituted a minority of sales.

Hi Tae, thank you so much for writing this post! I’m coordinating WWOTF ads and this is really helpful feedback to get. We’ve thought a lot about the trade-off between reaching potentially interested audiences while not oversaturating those audiences in a way that’s off-putting, and have taken many steps to avoid doing so (most importantly, by not narrowing our target audience so greatly that the same people get bombarded). Ensuring we don’t oversaturate audiences is a key priority. 

If it’s alright, I’d love to hear more details about exactly which ads your friend encountered — I’ll contact you via DM. If other people have other relevant experiences that they want to share, please email me at abie@forethought.org — it’s very helpful and very actionable to get feedback right now, since we can adapt and iterate ads in real-time. 

This is very exciting!!  Best of luck with your launch!

Thanks  Pablo and Aris!

Currently we don't have plans to do a WWOTF-specific reading group syllabus in time for the start of school, but I'd be excited about possibly working with you on one if you're interested — let's continue over email :) 

Yes it has!! 🎉 Thank you to all who contacted their assembly-member :) 

It still needs to be signed into law by Governor Hochul — I'll likely make another post soon about how to email her office to increase the likelihood of that happening. 

25% off What We Owe The Future on Barnes and Noble through April 22! 

Hey all, if you use the discount code PREORDER25 on Barnes and Noble before April 22, you will get 25% off What We Owe The Future. The link is below: 


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