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25% off What We Owe The Future on Barnes and Noble through April 22! 

Hey all, if you use the discount code PREORDER25 on Barnes and Noble before April 22, you will get 25% off What We Owe The Future. The link is below: 


Announcing What We Owe The Future

They do not count for the NYT bestseller list, but they do count for your respective national bestseller list

Announcing What We Owe The Future

The price is set by the publisher, so for now there's nothing we can do directly reduce the price of the book on Amazon, etc. (In the future, an EA publishing house could make sure EA books are priced more accessibly! See Fin Moorhouse's post here

In the coming months, we'll likely partner with bookstores to do pre-order discounts (eg. 25% off), and EA groups can use funding to purchase copies of the book for their members. So if pre-ordering now is price prohibitive, there will be other opportunities later on to pre-order. 

I feel anxious that there is all this money around. Let's talk about it

A quick note about the use of "bad faith criticisms" — I don't think it's the case that every argument against "taking money from internet billionaires" is bad faith, where bad faith is defined as falsely presenting one's motives, consciously using poor evidence or reasoning, or some other intentional duplicitousness.

 It seems perfectly possible for one to coherently and in good faith argue that EA should not take money from billionaires. Perhaps in practice you find such high-quality good faith takes lacking, but in any case I think it's important not to categorically dismiss them as bad faith. 

Announcing What We Owe The Future

Yes, it will once launched! (Will is doing the audiobook) 

Announcing What We Owe The Future

Not for now! It's valuable to have pre-orders a different booksellers, and we think the distribution of where people naturally end up ordering from is likely to be optimal. 

Announcing What We Owe The Future

Ah, thank you for pointing out the outdated e-book link! (Just edited to remove.) The bestseller list switched from having just e-books as a category to a combined print and e-books category, as you describe. It's still advantageous to order the hardcover since this list is given more attention for new books, and it is more difficult to hit the combined print  and e-book list, since it involves competing with more books. 

Announcing What We Owe The Future

Thanks, Garrison!

My understanding is that hardcover and e-book sales are counted for different categories of The New York Times Bestsellers List. (There are several categories for non-fiction: hardcover, paperback, e-book, and combined print and e-book.) 

Reaching the hardcover bestseller list tends to get more attention for new releases than the e-book bestseller list, so it's a more valuable list to be on. 

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