What is the average EA salary?

I'm considering switching to a more EA-aligned career, and I wanted to get an expectation of what compensation might look like.

What are your thoughts on the median and mean values Peter mentioned above? Do you think we should be trying to increase those values? If so, to what level, and how could we push them in that direction?

Seeking feedback on Cause Prioritization Platform

Thanks so much for your feedback Denis!

Here are my responses:

1. I definitely agree - I tried fixing this but had some difficulty. It may be doable, I'll have to try again haha. Good news though is that if there are more people using the platforms, there will likely be more of a delta in scoring between the different problem areas, therefore blocks will jump/reorder less often.

2. Similar to my reply to Saulius above on this, do you think a three or five point scale would be viewed as more effort / thinking required for some people? Maybe it's actually a good thing if it requires more thinking, but just wanted to get your perspective on this

3. Thanks! The goal is to have sub-sections, sub-sub sections, etc. That's what I find most excited about this concept - the ability to break down these problems further and further to identify where we should focus our efforts within each umbrella :)

4. Interesting, for me it was the opposite haha. Before learning about EA, I wasn't really familiar with the term tractable. I'll definitely change this if I get more feedback like yours.

5. I completely understand your perspective on this. I thought quite a bit about the construct for this, and wanted to keep it as simple as possible - which meant limited the number of options available to select. My thought was that if someone is on the fence about whether or not to select a box, and some of those people end up choosing not to select it, that's probably an indication that it's a less important issue than one that seems unequivocally large, neglected or solvable. Is that fair?

6. What if I only showed other people's ratings after your voted yourself? Would that help?

Thanks again!

Seeking feedback on Cause Prioritization Platform

Thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback - I really appreciate it.

A few responses:

  • Don't you think there will be at least some people who view certain problems as not big, neglected, and/or solvable? I was thinking it'd be interesting to see which problems received the most "votes" across each of these 3 dimensions
  • I definitely agree with your concern that problems that receive the most votes initially may continue to receive more votes. Would your suggestion for addressing this be to remove the ability to sort by "most attention required," or do you have any other ideas?
  • I thought about doing a slider but felt a checkbox required less thinking/effort, and I thought that on aggregate there was still value in seeing which problems were "checked" off the most
  • To your point about the weighting of votes based on people's backgrounds, doesn't this come down to the pros and cons of a democratic voting system?
  • I completely agree with you that the phrasing of the statements needs to be used with care. My thinking though was that a statement like "think this is a solvable problem" would be easier to understand and therefore more likely to get a response than a statement like "if we doubled the resources dedicated to solving this problem, what fraction of the problem would we expect to solve?". Thoughts?
  • If you happen to find the Scandinavian EA, would you mind connecting me with them please?
  • Finally, thanks for those two wiki links - they were very useful!