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What is the average EA salary?

by adamkruger1 min read5th Apr 20205 comments



What is the average salary of someone at an EA-aligned organization? Does this data publicly exist?

Thanks! :)

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You can answer this with EA Survey data (and we just did, right now, right here - looks like $38,559 median, $50,000 mean), but I'd urge caution with interpretation given that there is a lot of variation between organizations (and also the EA Survey likely doesn't capture all the orgs that may be relevant).

I'd love to see some more information about the distribution (e.g. percentiles, change since previous years, breakdown by organization size/type or by role). Is it possible to provide that while maintaining anonymity?

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This is gonna vary a lot because there's not a "typical EA organization" — salary is determined in large part by what the market rate for a position is, so I'd expect e.g. a software engineer at an EA organization to be paid about the same as a software engineer at any organization.

Is there a more specific version of your question to ask? Why do you want to know / what's the context?

I'm considering switching to a more EA-aligned career, and I wanted to get an expectation of what compensation might look like.

What are your thoughts on the median and mean values Peter mentioned above? Do you think we should be trying to increase those values? If so, to what level, and how could we push them in that direction?

I don't know — sounds like you might have stronger views on this than me! : )