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One of the most amazing posts I have ever read. It took me from a life of eternal guilt to one that is tolerable I think.

Hi Luke, is there a meetup link? or an easy to add link to the calendar?

One thing I miss is if the event is this sunday?


Perhaps add the date to this post and advertise the link you have given as a registration to the event. Thanks. :)

P.S. Once registered the calendar link is generated.

Thanks a lot for your response. I think 80000hours has actually "sort of withdrawn their conclusions" from that post about extra donations and recent hires.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the respondents were simply wrong. Our impression is that most of the answers were given with just a couple of minutes of reflection, and so mainly reflect a gut intuition. There’s not much reason to expect these intuitions to be accurate on average in this kind of domain.---80000hours

Thus I am not sure we should pursue these numbers anymore, from the survey. Your thoughts?

I recently wrote about post on procrastination related to my EA work here. Feel free to just check out the references at the end.

Hi Aaron,

Sorry about being nit-picky. I had to read the following statement 4-5 times, until I realized that there is a "pause" before the word "drive", and then I understood what you were saying. Maybe you can add a "comma" for other readers like me. Feel free to ignore.

"I'm not sure I've ever seen any piece of content not named "Doing Good Better" drive as much positive engagement as Sam Harris's two podcast episodes with Will MacAskill — especially the second one."

Just also want to point out that I have not subscribed to their mailing lists but was aggressively pursued by ads from CE (or other) and other posts on EA forum which made me aware that I should participate in this.

The title sounds like a "good idea" for an EA org. Something that is missing. An organization that ranks the cost-effectiveness of different jobs (aka ranking).

Mortals working in California in Data Science or Computer Science can earn 300k in a matter of <4-6 years of experience. Donating 30% of it is 100k$/year "counterfactually" (There are people who donate 50%). (Although I don't agree with the way they derived at this number, and just looking at it as a start point) Starting your charity with Charity entrepreneurship however is estimated to "counterfactually" account for a 100k$ donation/year. GW researcher in the first year is estimated to contribute "counterfactually" 97k$.

A better way would be to perform life time calculations it appears to truly compare the TOTAL impact.

On the other hand, if you really want to get a "tony stark" job, how about grinding and getting the skills to be THE TONY STARK: It's called Deliberate Practice. "There is in fact a path leading from the state of our own abilities to that of the greats. The path is extremely long and demanding, and only a few will follow it all the way to its end. "

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