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Is Giving Tuesday only for the US and Canada? Are they tax-deductible?

by agent181 min read30th Nov 20201 comment


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  1. Is Giving Tuesday only possible for US and Canada? I am unable to setup more than 500 Euros in the Facebook page for Giving tuesday. Am I missing something? Or is it the whole truth. I live in the Netherlands.

Also when you hover over instructions you see only US and Canada with more than 200$ options. And "Other" has 0-250$

  1. Do you know if the standard tax deductions for the primary organizations still hold? Say I want to donate to GiveWell, does it make a difference to taxes deductibles if I donate via Facebook?

Thanks. Please let me know soon if possible.

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Per our written instructions on the EA Giving Tuesday website Other countries, donating €5 EUR to €250 EUR, while donors from many countries are eligible to participate in Giving Tuesday:

We believe most eligible countries have a donation amount limit of €250 (or the equivalent in your currency) over a 31-day period. It's important that your Giving Tuesday donation does not push you over this limit -- not even €1 over -- or Facebook will probably decline your entire donation.

Others on the team have been doing the testing this year, but my understanding is that we have not performed tests in every country, so it may be possible that in the Netherlands you can donate up to the €500 amount you are seeing on the Facebook donation form. If you are committed to donating even without the match, my recommendation in this case would be that you attempt two €249 donations (or however much less than this with your first donation necessary to stay within the €250 per 31-day period limit), submitting them 1-2 seconds before the match start time when an exact clock says :58 and :59. In this way, the first donation will hopefully go through even if the second donation is declined for exceeding the limit in your country.

So in general it's true that Facebook's Giving Tuesday match is more attractive to US and Canada donors than donors from other countries, because they are eligible to have larger amounts of money get matched. Yet we expect that donors from many other countries are probably eligible to get up to €250 matched, and possibly more in some cases, though we aren't explicitly aware of any exceptions to the €250 limit.