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Engineering Physics Student at McMaster University exploring differential tech development. I will be attending EAG Bay Area and would love to talk! 


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I think this could have a really big impact and has great potential. Zakat is a big thing in the Muslim world and making even some of it more effective is worth pursuing! 

Yeah totally! Planning to go to EAG Bay Area, and I go to school at McMaster University and will be flying out of Toronto. 

What are some negative and positive sentiments about OpenAI within the EA community? 

I know OpenPhil made them a 30m grant in 2017, but Holden no longer seems to be on the board and a bunch of people left to create Anthropic. Whats up with that? 

Hi! Would love to join, though it seems the link is expired. Is there another link I could use? 

For anyone interested in this topic, I recommend listening to this podcast, which hosts Kevin Esvelt and Jonas Sandbrink. They cover a lot of similar ground as the paper and I found it to be a pretty good listen.