I am a university student who is pretty involved with EA. I have been engaging with the community for about a year now, and the movement has helped me make better decisions about my career and what I want to do. 

I recently got into EAG Bay Area, and I am extremely excited at the prospect of meeting people and exchanging ideas. I will also be taking a gap year next year, so this could be a great time to go and help me figure out what I want to do. 

Combining flights and accommodation, it will be over what I am comfortable with as a university student. Are there any ideas on where I can apply for (at least some) funding?  My total budget is under $1.5k USD, and will be flying out of Toronto. 

I am aware CEA offers some support, but they have explicitly mentioned operating under the assumption that they will not be able to give most applicants funding. 

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Harrison Durland

Jan 17, 2023


Could you provide more details, namely what EAG you’ve applied for and where you live/go to school?


Yeah totally! Planning to go to EAG Bay Area, and I go to school at McMaster University and will be flying out of Toronto.