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Thanks for an excellent summary of the literature, Hauke! This interview we did with Lant in 2017 touches on some of these ideas. We don't go as deep but I think Lant makes some insightful points about the intellectual history of the debate and I found it interesting to hear him think out loud. I recommend skipping to around min 20.

From Critique of Pure Reason (h/t Daniel Filan, h/t Bryan Caplan) :

This is an excellent review, thanks! Really like (a) the visual metaphors in bullet points and (b) the critical commentary with updates on replication. As someone who's only skimmed the Righteous Mind (didn't feel worth reading after Moral Tribes), I got a really good picture of the core concepts from this review (which I typically don't - it's really hard to efficiently compress the whole book). Thanks a lot :)

Yes, forgot to add GiveWell website, quite important in my early days. Especially their post on flow-through effects relieved some of my concerns that EA mental models may be too narrow.

Yes, I would also particularly recommend the early sections on metaethics. Later parts are also good if you actually want to pass the Ideological Turing Test against long-termism. He spends a lot of time with the person affecting view :)

Primed by Singer's Famine, Affluence and Morality and Jeffrey Sachs + White Man's Burden + Poor economics for an EA approach to development econ. Sequences, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and Nick Beckstead's thesis were the most important in making me deeply interested in EA.

Thanks :) The idea behind the Ideological Turing Test is (a) to put epistemic rationality into the spotlight (b) to see how good a model the guests have of the debate and how well they considered the other side, which should help you think about how seriously you should take their claims (c) we think it's kind of fun :)

Thanks for the suggestion! Sounds like a fun topic, will definitely think of potential guests when we get back to recording.

Thanks for the suggestions, Ben! We will look into them at our next org meeting tomorrow.

As for the T-shirts, we found someone who is willing to donate, but obviously the lower the costs, the better. And we are still looking for suggestions from EA about the design, so if anyone has ideas, please let us know!

Thank you, Tom! I will let you know in a few days what things look like and whether it is likely that we will need your backup.

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