The Turing Test

by Ales_Flidr11th Sep 20178 comments



I'm happy to announce that the first episodes of Harvard Effective Altruism's podcast, the Turing Test, are already online.

The first four episodes feature

  • Larry Summers on his career, economics and EA
  • Irene Pepperberg on animal cognition and ethics
  • Josh Greene on moral cognition and EA
  • Adam Marblestone on incentives in science, differential technological development etc.

My co-host Holly Elmore and I recorded a couple more, including Lant Pritchett, Bryan Caplan, Scott Weathers, Spencer Greenberg and Brian Tomasik. Among other things, the guest has to pass an "ideological Turing Test" - i.e. state opposing views as clearly and persuasively as their proponents.

You should be able to subscribe on your favorite platform. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback!