Alex is a globally experienced brand strategy, communications and market research expert. He first went ‘remote’ in 2015 moving to the southeastern tip of Tasmania to raise his only daughter. Unaware of the EA movement until somewhat recently, he’s been donating his expertise to good people doing good things since 2003. Today Alex provides white label analysis, strategy and creative services to a number of private clients and to good people doing good things in community-based organisations.

How others can help me

I love to help good people do good things. If you’ve got a project that needs someone with a lot of practical experience in brands, comms, strategy and market research, please get in touch. If it’s a paid gig that's great. If not, please get in touch anyway, I love helping people answer good questions. 

How I can help others

If you need insights I might have a report, insight, workshop or model that can help. If it's anything related to strategy, brands, creative industries, comms, pr, content or other forms of connecting people with ideas, I’m very happy to answer questions or contribute in any way I can. 


Great post! I look forward to trying it. Is it safe to assume the same method applies to investigating and writing about the present and future?

Thank you for this post. 

As a newbie to the EA concept and community, but as someone who has practiced a pick-up game of ‘greatest good’ since 2004, I have to agree. The current EA entry points for newcomers do feel very narrow. I don’t come from an AI background or a particularly academic or financially endowed one. I’m one of those ‘graphic designer, writer, mental health…’ types you mention.

I joined the EA to find smart people who could help me think about my local, practical, and socially based ‘greatest good’ questions and issues. Now that I understand a little bit more about the macro longtermisim aspects of EA, I’m pretty sure my side game isn’t a good use of the community’s time or talent.

Hi all, I'm a newbie. Happy to be here.