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I hope it’s ok to mention something I’d like to do at Foresight Institute:

Crowdsource + Crowdfund Civilization Tech Map


  • Build on this map for Civilizational Self-Realization (scroll to end of article) to create an interactive technology map for positive long-term futures that is crowdsourced (Wikipedia-style) and allows crowdfunding (Kickstarter-style)
  • The map surveys the ecosystem of areas relevant for civilizational long-term flourishing, from health, AI, computing, biotech, nanotech, neurotech, energy, space tech, etc.  
  • The map branches out into milestones in each area, and either lists projects solving them, or requests projects to solve them, including options to fund either
  • Crowdsourcing of milestones and requests for projects will get it very wrong at first but can get continuously course corrected, e.g. via prediction markets 
  • Crowdfunding makes more and more people have skin in the game for the long-term future, e.g. via tokenization, retroactive public goods funding, or a similar mechanism
  • In sum, the map can serve as a north star to coordinate those seeking to work toward positive futures and those seeking to fund such work.