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i've been considering it also actually! thank you for recommendation :)

Thank you for the recommendation! Will reach out.

Wow I appreciate this document! Especially the "Pressing problems" section. Thank you. I will look more closely at it later.

Agree that the range is very large, we tried to narrow it down to feature film documentaries, but probably ended up including a bit more in terms of format. For example the question of Youtube vs. Documentary movie on streaming platform is interesting to me. My initial thinking on it is that movie documentaries are better for reaching "top down" - it might be able to get you more mainstream media attention, etc. But Youtube is better for "bottom up" - reaching people directly. So the different formats are probably better for different topics.

FLI's short clips on slaughterbots are interesting as a concept in relation to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rDo1QxI260

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