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Andy is a software engineer donating to long term future and EA meta causes, and investing to give later. He is a member of EA Twin Cities.


This was a great reference when the match started and I needed to evaluate more organizations quickly. Thanks!

"Nov 2 8:43pm PT update - Amazing! Givers have rallied in less than 48 hours to unlock nearly $250k in matching. We are thrilled to announce that a generous donor has added an additional $100k into the Incentive Fund to keep the momentum going! Check out our realtime dashboard to see how much of the funds are left."

Thank you! I hadn't thought about the issue through this lens before. I will explore those resources.

Thank you! I will work on internalizing these ideas.

Any good face shields you can recommend? :-) Perhaps a shield of good relationships and overall good mental health?

Hi, I did a minor in linguistics and enjoyed it. I also considered becoming an academic linguist but decided against it like you.

In case you haven't seen it, 80,000 Hours has some advice on how to try out software engineering at The "Next steps" section has a good summary on some options.

What do you think of waiting to give for now (investing in the stock market instead) and reassessing in a few years whether to donate, in the hope that we will have a better collective understanding of the relevant considerations by that time?

I agree it makes sense to spread the idea of effective giving widely. The only counterexample I can think of is the following, which was probably limited to affecting only one person's donations: Interestingly, this was a person to person interaction rather than through media. Overall it seems very good to share the idea of effective giving more.

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