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PIBBSS Fellowship: Bounty for Referrals & Deadline Extension

Ah, sorry, Peter, for the misunderstanding! 

That wouldn't be possible. For the purposes of the fellowship, a (near) full-time commitment for 10-12 weeks is needed. 

PIBBSS Fellowship: Bounty for Referrals & Deadline Extension

We strongly prefer individual bounty claims, a team claim would be really hard to judge. If a case like this comes up, I suggest you divide the bounty yourselves.

I expect the most common bounty award will be the case when someone lets their friend know the fellowship exists, and they apply and succeed.

PIBBSS Fellowship: Bounty for Referrals & Deadline Extension

Thanks :) 

There were multiple reasons

  • We had one extra week we could use for outreach while meeting our deadline for announcing the final decisions. 
  • We've gained outreach momentum last week and it seemed useful to carry it over to this one. We've also come up with additional outreach ideas, including this bounty.
  • A couple of people already asked for a deadline extension.

The amount and quality of the applications we've received so far are within our expectations, which means we haven't made any larger updates about the success of the program. However, a large fraction of the value of the program is determined by the fellows, so we are willing to invest additional resources to identify the top candidates.

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