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Since posting this post, I've written more about my experience and given updates here:


As a result a few more people have expressed interest in an EA recovery group, so I created a Discord chat to coordinate and discuss the possibility further:


This might wind up being temporary and I'm happy to switch to something else, but it seemed like I should at least set it up to get started.

It probably doesn’t narrow it down too much for me to say that I’m in New York City (and honestly even if it does, I don’t worry so much about some people being able to guess my identity as just not wanting it to be very public), so there might be enough people by me as well.

Thanks, I've heard of the naked mind, but not much about it. I should probably check it out. I'm planning to aim for at least a full week sober the next time I get all the way there, so hopefully that will significantly decrease my craving.

Thanks, I appreciate the organization and frankness of this comment, so I will replicate it:

  1. I think this is what helps most for me too, on the days I consider it completely off the table, I don't think about it so much. The same is true on days when I am generally in a more hopeful state of mind, but right now I am gradually decreasing the amount I drink to avoid serious withdrawal problems, which is proving difficult
  2. Since I've never been to one I'm unsure about this, but I feel like I can understand it
  3. I very rarely go to events like this, and almost always drink alone. Arguably the original source, and one of the continuing risk factors for me, is day to day loneliness
  4. This, I think, is my therapist's main strategy, which I am more skeptical of but don't think is valueless, which is one reason I'm reluctant to search for a new one

Thanks, I appreciate you sharing this. My point is roughly: I have told most but not all of the people closest to me about it, and I'm gradually decreasing the amount I drink each night to avoid rapid withdrawal problems (and failing many nights). I think an EA fellowship/get together on this would be a great idea, though my wi fi is terrible so I personally would be unlikely to attend unless it was in-person.

Thanks! Yeah, I should probably talk to my therapist more openly.

Sorry yeah, that makes sense. I’m in the US.

Thanks! I’ll check out the video for sure. As for the new therapist, I’ll admit I’m reluctant here. Most simply I don’t think I have it in me to do that, I would be worried about how it would make her feel. I know that’s not a good reason, but it is a realistic constraint on my behavior, so I see no point denying it. Additionally though, I want to engage in a certain amount of deference in case I’m wrong about what works, and also since I haven’t really talked to her about this concern, I feel like I owe it to her to at least do that first. I think the compromise position I’m drawn to (which might prove unfeasible), is to continue seeing her but also get help closer to my own approach.

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