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Hey there! I just posted a new post with updates about my group. 
Feel free to check out: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/LnkoBP3kbRzWxrHZh/retrospective-case-study-of-community-building-landscape-in?utm_campaign=post_share&utm_source=link

Hi harry, Thank you for sharing this incredibly helpful information! May I ask you what work were you doing before you came across EA.

Thank you for writing this. The article gives a good overview of EA activities in real time.

However I am of the opinion but I believe the title is a bit flawed. I personally would not position EA into something bad. "Not as bad as you think" positions EA like it is something ominous and your blog is trying to persuade the reader otherwise. I personally did not get this feeling when I read through the blog.  So I would title it as: "What is bad in EA?"or "Is EA as good and effective as it says it is?". There are better ways to keep it open ended.

Hi Julia, 

Thank you for the post, I think the Community health team is quite resourceful in situations like this.

My personal belief is that the community health team should be most concerned about about changes in views towards EAs after SBF's downfall. In this video this person probably lost faith in EA due to the incident (or at least became more averse to it). I am not concerned about this one non aligned person losing faith in EA however since EA has closely associated itself with SBF due to his funds, it might lead to an overall bad image of EAs when FTX is bankrupt. Also agree with comments about Future Fund.

That said we need some robust milestones about SBF's case before we can comment on the situation. I believe the community health team should craft some strong answers to enable key community members (like university organizers and employees of EA orgs) answer tough questions over the coming days.

I personally want FTX to make a comeback somehow given that I trusted SBF a lot (and so did many community members). But yeah otherwise it is a tough situation that needs to be managed effectively.


I will remember this article. Very interesting and thoughtful way of introducing people to EA.

Hi Jessica,

I'm Arghya. Your post is really insightful and I appreciate the depth in your ideas. I have applied to the UGAP to start a group at my university.

I have many potential board members on my list however I am afraid of selecting someone without meeting them in person. This is mostly because I am afraid that some of them might be interested just because of the "hype" around EA. I had a meeting with Kirsten Angeles and she told me to take the risky step of getting someone on board. What would you have done on my situation?

Do you have any specific strategy for selecting board members. Because getting someone in and seeing them leave just because they were never aligned from the beginning can be difficult to handle and may even hurt the group's reputation.

Thank you 


I am a frequent reader of the forum and I wanted to make a post regarding Cause Exploration (Prizes). I searched the tag to get a general sense of  the "bar" you look forward to. There seem to be only three posts so far. Am I missing out on something?