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Discussion on Thomas Philippon's paper on TFP growth being linear

Great post! I was mainly concerned with the -values heading haha. I wonder if Thomas Philippon will follow up on all of the attention his paper received.

Discussion on Thomas Philippon's paper on TFP growth being linear

Good point! Though I think it shouldn't be difficult to figure out a lower upper bound, maybe an economist is working on that right now, depending on how actively researched this domain is.

What factors make EA outreach at a school valuable?

I think focusing on outreach to top schools is less about elitism and more about the potential to have a greater impact (which is sort of talked about here). I guess we suspect that spreading our community building resources to thousands of schools in America won't be as effective as focusing on the couple hundred universities that have a track record of producing high-impact students, labs, projects, etc. (such as the Ivies or the UC's)

Aiming for the minimum of self-care is dangerous

Great post, it's amazing to see mental health in the EA-sphere being talked about.

About time tracking, as someone who also tracks their time in little color-coded squares (or rectangles?), you start to associate some colors with negativity and others with positivity, and when you're in a rough spot (or a "rut' if I may) it can definitely make you feel like you've wasted the week as you glance over.

To me, that's the biggest disadvantage of time-tracking/time-blocking, though for me the advantages vastly outweigh the disadvantages.