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Gaurav Yadav

I currently like running conversations for my university EA group - eabristol.org/utilon

I previously interned at CEA.



Richard Pettigrew has written a condensed version of their paper on the EA Forum.

Is this closed off to people in the UK, or can anyone apply?

Hi Ben,

I realised that this probably has something to do with me having the 'Personal' tag turned on. I unticked the section that asks whether you want to have your post on the frontpage before I posted this, so I was confused as to why this appeared on the frontpage anyways.

I was mostly trying to avoid spamming the frontpage, given this isn't very relevant to the forum. 

I tried to prevent this from going up on the front page. Unsure why it's showing up anyways; many apologies. 

Answer by YadavNov 23, 202211

Really excited about the work the Wild Animal Initiative is doing, so I will be donating to them. I'll also be giving to AMF. 

I am going to link post a talk by Rowan Lund (from Family Empowerment Media) here in case people want to learn more. 

This is great. I’m glad stuff like the community health team exists.

Curious about what this implies -

  • Does leadership at FTX change?
  • What does this mean for the FTX Foundation?
  • What does this mean for the FTX Future Fund?

Ah, thanks for sharing! I assume the Carlsmith report is this - https://arxiv.org/abs/2206.13353?

If companies like OpenAI and Deepmind have safety teams, it seems to me that they anticipate that speeding up AI capabilities can be very bad, so why don't they press the brakes on their capabilities research until we come up with more solutions to alignment?

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