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Animal Welfare Fund: Ask us anything!

Academic social science research is often a better fit for the EA research fund or Food Systems Fund because of their expertise + focus.


Did you mean the ACE Research Fund / Animal Advocacy Research Fund?

Being Vocal About What Works

Peter Hurford made a related argument in To Inspire People to Give, Be Public About Your Giving, though it's more focused on maximizing impact vs helping your friends find fulfillment.

EA for Jews - Proposal and Request for Comment

I strongly suspect the kidney donations in question are mostly to other Jews, and maybe mostly to other Orthodox Jews. The organization mentioned in the video is Renewal, which "helps facilitate kidney matches within the Jewish community."

And with regard to Matnat Chaim: "In a report aired on Israel’s Channel 2 Sunday, the Health Ministry said the policy leads to possible discrimination, noting that at least half of Matnat Chaim’s donors request Jewish recipients."

In general, Orthodox Jews are very altruistic towards other Jews, and especially other Orthodox Jews. However, the impression I have is that they tend to be tribalistic and unlikely to favor expanded moral circles. So I don't think they're a good target audience for EA.

(I grew up Orthodox Jewish, but I'm now an atheist.)

BrianTan's Shortform

It looks like GiveWell may have advertised on more than 35 podcasts! They talk about their podcast advertising here and here.

[Expired] 20,000 Free $50 Charity Gift Cards

80,000 Hours is not a US registered nonprofit. CEA accepted donations for them for EA Giving Tuesday with arrangements we made in advance. Around half of the nonprofits on our list required similar arrangements.

FHI is not a US registered nonprofit either and was not eligible for receiving EA Giving Tuesday donations.

[Expired] 20,000 Free $50 Charity Gift Cards

As far as I know Effective Altruism Foundation and Founder's Pledge are totally different nonprofits.

Effective Altruism Foundation runs a few programs, including Center on Long-term Risk: https://ea-foundation.org/projects/

EA towards humans = effective violence towards farm animals?

I'd suggest reading prior discussions of the so-called "poor meat eater problem."

I see a few problems with this argument. (These are mostly not original ideas.)

  • This argument would likely reflect badly on EA and/or animal advocacy if it became more common and more public. Unpopular arguments may be worth it if the benefits of arguing them outweigh the costs, but that seems unlikely here.
  • If you believe farmed animal welfare is the cause area that warrants the highest priority, then you should be looking for the most cost-effective interventions within that cause area. There are interventions in this area that seem very cost-effective, such as corporate campaigns, and it seems unlikely that persuading EAs working in global poverty that their interventions are harmful, or pursuing human population control interventions instead, is anywhere near as cost-effective.
  • This analysis looks at one potential flow-through effect of EA global poverty interventions, and does not consider any others that could potentially benefit animals:
    • Good things can lead to more good things, e.g. Open Phil has recommended $80 million in effective grants towards farmed animal welfare, but they would not exist if GiveWell had not established their credibility in global poverty. (Open Phil started out as a GiveWell project called GiveWell Labs.)
    • Solving human problems may free up resources for solving animal welfare problems.
    • Increases in human population and/or consumption may lead to decreases in wild animal populations, which may reduce wild animal suffering.
  • It's better if EAs working on global poverty and animal welfare are cooperative rather than antagonistic.
Prepare for Counterfactual Donation Matching on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020

Hi Jacob. If you complete our sign-up form or our pledge form, then you'll be added to our mailing list and should receive reminders in future years.

You may also want to add a filter to direct emails from contact@eagivingtuesday.org into your primary inbox.

Coronavirus Research Ideas for EAs

https://pandemic.metaculus.com/ works for me. The link you have is for https://www.pandemic.metaculus.com/ though, which does not work. Maybe that's the problem?

Fundraising for the Center for Health Security: My personal plan and open questions

Because Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security is part of Johns Hopkins University rather than its own US registered nonprofit, it may not be feasible to create a Facebook fundraiser for them.

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