Facebook and PayPal are matching up to $7 million in donations on Giving Tuesday (November 27, 2018). This represents an unusual opportunity to try to get donations to EA-aligned organizations counterfactually matched, comparable to employer matching programs. We attempted this last year with about a week of preparation, and raised ~$48k in matches for ~$379k in donations. Our match percent was only ~13% because we had failed to anticipate that the matching funds would run out as fast as they did: in 1 minute and 26 seconds. This year, we think we can do better: We began preparing 2 months in advance, and we're optimizing for speed.

To learn more or participate, please visit our website.




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I'm commenting to signal-boost, because I think this is a really important thing to consider doing in the next 24 hours.

I personally gave through the match last year, was a minute too slow, and plan to donate within seconds this time around, knowing that other sleepy EAs in unfortunate time zones are doing the same. This creates a great sense of holiday togetherness, and also you can get thousands of counterfactual dollars from Facebook. This is big!

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