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Congratulations on writing an impressive number of posts on your blog! You mentioned no longer having a 'day job.' How do you generate money as a blogger? Is money is a stress for you? 

  • The book "The Charisma Myth" made me a more like-able person. I apply the principles every day.
  • My clothing steamer allows me to eliminate the wrinkles from my clothes in 5-10 mins, boosting my professionalism.
  • Pre-marinated tofu. It's delicious, ridiculously convenient, and can be added to any meal as a protein boost.
  • You can get free audiobooks/e-books from the library on the app Libby. You just need a library card #.

Thanks for sharing!

I assume that a lot of the productivity improvement requires someone in-person to make insights and specifically tailor solutions to the trainee. In your experience Lynette, is there anything that people can do from home to coach themselves to focus on deep work or prioritize the right things? Please recommend any educational tools or resources that you know of.

Also, are there any resources that have been educational to you in building your coaching skill set, in addition to the Person-Centered Therapy training? How did you first learn the methods that you use?

I love managing people! It's definitely one of the most fun ways I spend my time. Currently I'm a student government representative at my university and I oversee a team of 50 students in 9 different project teams.

Always looking for ways to improve, so if there are any more experienced managers out there, I'd love to chat!