EA Website Search Optimization

byawhitney5mo17th Jan 20192 comments


I notice that when you search for "best charity to give to" some of the first results are not EA focused. In order, the results Google gives me are

1. Charity Watch "Top Rated Charities"

2. A consumer reports article "Best and Worst Charities for Your Donations"

3. Charity Navigator "Top Ten Lists"

4. Google maps showing charities in the areas

5. And finally, a Vox article on Effective Altruism

GiveWell is #8 on the results.

GiveWell comes up first for the search "most effective charity to give to." But the average person may not choose to use the word "effective." Would GiveWell consider buying a Google ad for similar phrases? Or consider other ways to bump itself up in search algorithms?

To expand that thought, would 80,000 hours consider doing the same thing for searches that are generally along the lines of, "what job should I get"?

Websites that are at the top of the search results get about 36% of the traffic (1), and around 67% of the traffic goes to the top five listings (2).

(1) https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/important-top-listing-google

(2) https://www.theleverageway.com/blog/how-far-down-the-search-engine-results-page-will-most-people-go/