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Is it possible for EA to remain nuanced and be more welcoming to newcomers? A distinction for discussions on topics like this one.

The tent and campground analogy and vocabulary is very helpful, thank you! I wish I'd had it in my toolkit a few weeks ago when trying to discuss the nuances of community building at an EA retreat - probably would've saved a lot of time and made for better mutual understanding. Glad to have it going forward though!

A Database of EA Organizations & Initiatives

There is a HUGE value add to having this easily accessible - wish I could upvote more. Would be nice for @CEA and/or @80k to promote/integrate this as well, or help make the project more robust with their relevant internal resources

EA Opportunities: A new and improved collection of internships, contests, events, and more.

Thank you for posting and putting this (and the other resources you've linked) together!

I'm very interested in developing the talent supply chain in the EA community and see a lot of value in these kinds of databases. However, the added value of a database can be much greater the more comprehensive it is, tempered by appropriate tagging for filterability -> it would be a nice goal to work towards integrating this database with the 80k Job Board database, as well as connecting more directly with EA Orgs to bridge the gap between supply and demand for talent and opportunities.

I cannot speak for the newly launched EA Hiring Network, but I hope to do some direct work building out the talent infrastructure of the EA ecosystem and believe there would be a long term strategic value to integrating all opportunities (full time, volunteer, training, internship - no need to limit by category so long as the tags allow for filtering) into a cohesive database in tandem with a talent database which would allow for much more efficient talent matching and allocation across EA orgs. 

While any progress in that direction would be at the soonest many months in the future, is collaborating on this kind of initiative something that you would be interested in? If so, I'd love to connect and discuss potential synergies :)

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80k would be happy to see more projects in the careers space

Thank you for posting! 

I am about to enter the last semester of a Master's in Business where I should have the opportunity to focus a thesis and potentially pursue an entrepreneurial startup as part of my program. My goal is to leverage that time and those resources to work on something that could potentially be useful to the EA (and wider impact oriented) community and would love to hear more about specific needs/gaps you'd like to see addressed so that I could steer my projects accordingly.

I have a background in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, HR, Non-for-Profit Leadership and even (accidentally) had a business strategy role that involved lots of research on bridging skills gaps and developing talent pipelines. 

Currently I'm drafting several proposals for projects/ventures that are relevant to the careers/talent space and hope to have a small portfolio of actionable plans by the end of August. 

I know that Lee McC  is also working on a project in this space with Nonlinear. I'd love to get in touch with anyone else working on the subject to get an overview of the state of affairs, goals and strategy for talent management in EA

Who's hiring? (May-September 2022)

Interested and posting so I'll receive notifications if there's any change here - not available for work until January though, so I'll be reaching out later :) 

Who's hiring? (May-September 2022)

Interested and posting so I'll receive notifications of any change to the post :) 
But not available for work until January

Who wants to be hired? (May-September 2022)

Location: Open to Relocation (will be in Berlin through Dec 22)

Remote: Prefer in-person / Flex / Hybrid

Willing to relocate: Yes


  • HR / People Management
    • Org/Job Analysis
    • Recruitment
    • Performance Development
    • People Management
    • Problem Resolution
  • Project Management 
    • (Happy to elaborate if interested, but not expanding here to save Forum real-estate)
  • Small Organization Leadership
  • Strategy / Analysis
  • Public Speaking
  • Standard Productivity Software + Adobe Photoshop/Premiere


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Please reach out via LinkedIn or via DM on here (prefer not to publicly share contact information)


Interested in Consulting, Operations, Strategy, and more - happy to provide references :)

Available from and until:

January 2023 - ?

How EA is perceived is crucial to its future trajectory

I actually spent about half the past weekend at an EA retreat near San Francisco trying to communicate these exact concerns - super refreshing and also kind of baffling to see such a well developed, detailed post so in line with the case I was making! 

I am considering writing a post about potential projects to improve this area as well as lessons that could be learned from other movements who have experience in adjusting messaging of complex ideas to be most beneficial to wider audiences - namely in Science Communication.

Here's a brief list of ideas: 

Please keep in mind that this is a casual brainstorm, and that there are probably plenty of valid points of contention/concern that could be raised with the various items. Let's try to be constructive and productive >>>>> dismissive/hyper-critical :) *

-More resources to the Community Health Team
-Gathering a small, diverse team of highly skilled and well aligned Branding/PR/Public Communication Specialists and funding them as a dedicated "EA PR" / "Brand Management" / "Partnerships and Community Outreach" group either within the CEA or as a stand-alone entity
-Rather than doing the above point internally, bringing in outside specialists (who are still generally aligned with the goals of trying to do good) to advise and consult with management at EA orgs
-Fostering partnerships with groups, organizations and communities that are strategically aligned along at least some shared values (Scientific Skeptics movement, Science Communication field, Teachers associations, community advocacy groups in target impact areas, etc)
-Spinning off more accessible (shorter, more concise, with a focus on production quality) versions of current communications projects: 
          -Current long form Podcasts -> Shorter, professionally done, narratively compelling podcasts a la     "Planet Money", "Short Wave" or "Unexplainable" 
           -Current Forum Posts -> Refined into articles of a more reasonable length with a coherent tone and style 
           -Current Books -> key ideas blurbs synthesizing main take-aways into self-contained articles/summaries 
           -Current Web-Sites/Articles -> Front pages with more refined, concise introductions to a subject that subsequently connect to the more in depth articles (currently most EA org web pages are very long and dense)
-Diversifying the EA YouTube presence as well as on other platforms/media  
-Identifying EAs who have a good track record of positive public communication and connecting them with external media rather than relying on the same few well-known figures to do the majority of such communications (podcasts, news journals, influencers, etc)
-Developing an "EA Onboarding" toolkit both to help people in EA better refine their approach to sharing EA with others as well as to help people outside of EA familiarize themselves with the movement in an approachable way (a Design Thinking approach would be very beneficial here)
-Changing EA messaging among EA orgs and EA leaders to be more digestible, accurate, concise and respectful to audiences outside of the hardcore moral philosophy world -> of particular note, emphasizing that EA knows it can't be sure about any one approach, which is why we tend to divide funding and focus among many different possible paths to impact (longtermism and AGI get WAY more visibility/discussion in EA communications than is representative of their share of the community - and they're especially controversial)
-Opening up EA org boards to diverse members outside of the EA movement to provide a "reality check" as well as much needed perspectives. Organizational boards should make an especially concerted effort to ensure that members of the communities EA is trying to help are strongly represented
-Sponsoring several "spin-off" brands aligned with but distinct from EA that use a different names and communication styles specifically designed to synergize with strategically important groups of people currently outside EA. Not every important group responds well to the standard approach of long, detailed lectures on moral philosophy - market segmentation and targeted communications are vital for an effective communication strategy
-Updating current Recruiting practices in EA orgs to ensure candidates with diverse approaches to EA are not being screened out -> full EA value and concept alignment may be important in some roles, but may actually be detrimental in others - particularly when entire teams are ideologically/stylistically homogenous
-Plenty more I'm sure!

Would this be something  people would like to see expanded upon / collaborate on to create some movement on the subject?