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Sleep: effective ways to improve it

Thanks for this post, and for the links to SSC and Gwern. I just ordered some 1 mg Melatonin and plan to cut it in half to start.

I’m a pretty poor sleeper, both with falling asleep and staying asleep. I suspect I’ll also benefit from establishing a similar routine for both weekdays and weekends, which tend to pretty distinct right now.

Sleep: effective ways to improve it

I agree on the Waking Up app. I have tried Headspace, Calm and Waking Up and found Waking Up to be the best choice for me. Specifically, the Theory section has been helpful to me as a beginner trying to learn about meditation. I also appreciate that it lacks some feature that I find corny in other apps, such as celebrity cameos. However, it may not be best people who don’t care for Sam Harris due to his various political positions, or those who do like him, but associate his voice with his podcast.

Analysis of EA funding within Animal Welfare from 2019-2021

This is really great. Thank you! Are you able elaborate on international spending on movement building?

  • There is a growing amount of movement building in neglected countries (Asia, South America, Eastern Europe).