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Is EA ignoring significant possibilities for impact?

My behavior above was a major mistake.

Sometimes, when someone believes they perceive ill-intent of a certain character, they will react very strongly, so if they are wrong, this can be very inappropriate.

I won’t be on the forum for a while.

Thank you for your generous efforts.

The Phil Torres essay in Aeon attacking Longtermism might be good

EA is still in a context where recruiting new people who are interested in the ideas is vastly more important to the cause than ensuring everyone thinks positively of it. 


This is not consistent with my conversations with longtermists and my impressions speaking to funder(s) in longtermism.

From this, it seems that being seen as weird or negative would actively undermine foundational projects in longtermism today.


Sometimes I think people have a model of movement building that involves mass action, publicity and generally "punching out" (e.g. PETA, people physically fighting in the same two blocks in Portland for months). 

I would want someone to have a way better model involving gears level work. I think this talent and insight is probably available today and someone write about it explicitly.

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Gears level info about TTS:

I feel like I am writing an Elon Musk tweet but in case anyone is interested:


As the post mentions, basically the speech quality comes from using the newer TTS models. From the sound, I think this is using Amazon Polly, the voice “Matthew, Male”.

I am an imposter, but I know this because I “made an app” for myself that does general TTS for local docs and websites. 

The relevant code that produces the voices is two lines long. I did not check but I would be surprised if there was not a browser extension already.


If EAs think that a browser extension would be valuable, or want really any of the permutations of forum/comment or other services, my guess is that a working quality project and full deployment could be made for $30,000 or maybe as little as $3,000 (the crux is operational like handling payment, accounts, as well as interpretation of the value of project management)

If there is interest I think we can just put this in EAIF or the future fund or something.


Hear the audio version of this comment in “Matthew”, voice.

Hear the audio version of this comment in “Kevin” voice.

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(Note that I strong upvoted because I think your concern is really about fairness, control and privacy, which copyright law doesn't directly support.)

That is not how copyright works Kat!

I think this is how copyright law effectively works.

Basically, considerations such as "fair use", low damages/profit, and the fact the copyright process is initiated by the owner, means that it's at least a grey area and in this case, it's very possible they are safe.

For more details, here is some logic about "fair use", copying and pasting a forum post (heh).

The law limits the rights of copyright holders. A judge will make a fair use determination using the four factors listed in the law on fair use:  

1. Character of use , 2. Nature of work , 3. Amount used , 4. Effect on market 

4. Effect on market. This is the most important factor. 

I do not see how your use could possibly affect the market based on the information you have given me. My gut feeling, based on what you have told me, is that 3 of the 4 factors, including the important one, work in your favor. 

Personally, I think it is foolish to worry about [ Can they take legal action] I believe that what you are doing is completely legal, and I believe that any legal action they take will fail. 

It’s an obscure, poorly formatted forum post from 2005, but I think the content is correct. See the criteria mentioned here in this Stanford page

Maybe another way of seeing this is that the poster is unlikely to suffer damages and there's not much profit for the company. 

I think catehall or other lawyers have been helpful, please stomp this post if this is wrong.

Charles He's Shortform

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"By my standards, your comments consistently don’t add to the conversation and probably makes me think less of you"

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I’m somewhat concerned about my activities on the forum.

The deepest reason is that I’m worried that I’m not as virtuous as I may seem to myself when communicating.

I am also worried about message quality. Someone sent me this message, I am grateful and I trust them. 

The message was about lengthy messages, but it seems reasonable there could be an implicit concern about other issues.

I am looking for feedback:

  •  I welcome direct written feedback from anyone reading my comments
  • Also, I have setup a "comment" voting system for you to send feedback anonymously, just upvote the comment that best describes your opinion
Thoughts on Post-PhD Jobs

I actually disagree with this...I don't think PhD's have low direct value. Obviously most people's PhD's have 0 direct value, but that's because people don't select their areas strategically at all.

And lots of institutions would like to hire someone who has studied their issues for the information and for the signalling value (only a good hire could understand the issue so well). I've already done this with my first paper that got me the consulting gig.


 I meant to say that new PhDs have low direct value, not that PhDs have low direct value. 

Additionally, everyone is seeking "career capital". The hunt for "career capital" is super crowded and exhausting. Trying to actually do things is easier.

I think I may have used career capital wrong? I guess I just meant ability in "getting good", this usually comes from experience?

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