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Intactivism as a potential Effective Altruist cause area?

Thank you very much for writing this up!  
- This 2010 paper estimates that over 100 newborn boys die in the US annually from circumcision and related complications. 
- Alexithymia, poor recognition of one's emotions, is another condition that may result from circumcision. Paper here. I wonder if the stereotype of American men being out of touch with their emotions is related to this? 
- RE sentience: Intact America claims that as adults, some men still remember the experience of being circumcised as infants. Cross-check: some adults still remember being born. 
- Some US-based charities that work toward ending infant male circumcision are Doctors Opposing Circumcision, Intact America, and Bloodstained Men. I've donated to Intact America several times; I appreciate that they thought to check who is initiating, and as of recently are focusing on trying to get nurses to stop suggesting the procedure to new moms in the hospital. 

What are good institutes to conduct a research-based Masters in ageing research? The Buck Institute in Novato, CA, USA has some master’s programs, not sure about the duration.

Has anyone found an effective way to scrub indoor CO2?

I've worked in indoor air quality for three years and I'm not aware of any products that capture CO2 below the industrial scale, unfortunately. If you come across anything, I'd love to know! 

I've tried the indoor plants approach and tested CO2 levels with Kitagawa tubes, and all the data showed was when the HVAC system was running... There are already lots of plants outdoors, and they're lower-maintenance there, so it's worth checking whether your HVAC system could be doing its job better of bringing outdoor plant-enrichened air to you.
- Are the filters clogged? Houses sometimes have a 5" filter hidden in the unit in addition to the return filters.
- Are the coils dirty? 
- Are the vents open? 
- Are the ducts insulated and in good repair? 
- Are the filters the right size and MERV rating for the unit? 
- Could the unit be upfitted with a filter that has more surface area, so that it restricts the airflow less? Going from a 1" filter to  a 2" or 4" filter can increase the airflow. If not, look for a filter with more pleats per inch.

If you've got great ventilation  - or no authority over the ventilation - and you're still experiencing poor indoor air quality, a HEPA air cleaner with carbon can't fix CO2 but it'll get most other contaminants. 

[By June 21] Win funding for wild animals

I asked Dr. Sebastiano and he has confirmed yes, he is a WDA member. As of a 6 AM ET on 6/21, he says the project is running a close third.

[By June 21] Win funding for wild animals

Fine print question: is Manrico Sebastiano, the principal investigator, a WDA member? If not, the prizes would be $1000 and $500 respectively, per the challenge grant terms here: 

Fun fact for readers: if you too have a wildlife health project idea, this Wildlife Disease Association challenge grant is recurring on! I think this is at least the fourth time. 

At time of writing, this project is in second place by number of backers (47).

What are some high-impact paths for a young person in the developing world?

If he’s seeking to work directly in Gambia on development, perhaps becoming an agricultural researcher or adviser - like an ag extension agent - would be a way for an individual to help many people in his community. According to Access Gambia’s agriculture page, 80% of the population work in agriculture. Considering the difficulty of the short rainy season, maybe he could identify additional crops, specific cultivars, cover crops, co-plantings, or techniques well-suited to the local particulars that would increase agricultural productivity.

Where I can practice judging opportunities to lend or donate or invest, for $25 per decision?

Thank you - exploring GlobalGiving now. I'd love to hear about your experience practicing, if you're willing to share!

Status update: Getting money out of politics and into charity

Another possibility for your list: getting family members who disagree politically to donate together to a common cause?

Proposed Longtermist Flag

A more abstract one with some similar pieces...

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