If you're interested in applied complexity science and want an experience learning systems thinking by working on a real world problem as part of a team, there's a Complexity Weekend workshop coming up soon. I'm registered. Hope to meet you there and practice together! 

When: 5/21/21 - 5/23/21, with optional lead-up activities beginning 3/21/21
Where: online globally
Tickets: $0-$200, sliding scale
Who: anyone interested in applying systems thinking to understanding problems and improving the world. All backgrounds welcome - no prior experience needed. 

What is complexity science for? Complexity science is a toolbox of principles for thoroughly understanding dynamic, adaptive systems. My understanding of the goal is that the better one understands a problem, what it's connected to, where the stabilizing loops are, et cetera, hopefully the more likely one's intervention will be to result in the desired change, and not off-target, illusory, or destabilizing effects. 

This will be my first time participating in Complexity Weekend, so I can't speak to the program quality, but this is the fourth season/cohort. It looks like it's based on Startup Weekend, which I've enjoyed and found worthwhile. 




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