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Narration: Improving the EA-aligned research pipeline: Sequence introduction

I said I wasn't going to publish this as a frontpage post, but I misclicked a button during the posting process. Sorry. It'd be nice if an moderator could take it off the frontpage.

Are there fictional books (novels, poetry, comics) on an EA?

The only work I know of which is explicitly effective altruist is A Common Sense Guide to Doing the Most Good, but many works on r/rational share a similar philosophy as many EAs.

Narration: The case against “EA cause areas”

Thanks! This is really good feedback. One person saying something could mean anything, but two people saying the same thing is a much stronger signal that that thing is a good idea.

Narration: The case against “EA cause areas”

Noted. I was worried it would get annoying, so thanks for confirming that worry. I’ll experiment with posting some not on the front-page, and see if they get significantly fewer listens.

Research into people's willingness to change cause *areas*?

Rethink Priorities' analysis of the 2019 EA survey concluded that 42% of EAs changed their cause area after joining the movement, 57% of change was away from global poverty, and 54% towards long term future / catastrophic and existential risk reduction.

Rethink Priorities, and Faunalytics also have much content on how to do effective animal advocacy, which would likely be useful for your purposes.

This is probably not the extent of research that Rethink Priorities has on this issue, but it's what I could remember reading about.

Narration: We are in triage every second of every day

Yes, it’s a linkpost to my podcast here, where myself and others have been narrating selected forum posts.

Which EA forum posts would you most like narrated?

A narration of the newsletter, or the posts linked in the newsletter?

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