An undergrad at University of Maryland, College Park. Majoring in math.

After finishing The Sequences at the end of 9th grade, I started following the EA community, changing my career plans to fields which seem like they'd be more aligned with preventing existential threats. I have no precise plans other than 'keep opportunities open until you figure out where your comparative advantage lies'. Advice on this front is welcome! Just pm me!

I have since helped make the EA Jobs Twitter bot (@effective_jobs), and currently make the Effective Altruism Forum Podcast (https://anchor.fm/ea-forum-podcast).


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[Creative writing contest] Blue bird and black bird

Death of the author interpretation: currently there are few, large, EA-aligned organizations which were created by EAs. Much of the funding for EA aligned projects just supports smart people who happen to be doing effective altruism.

The blue bird represents the EA community going to smart people, symbolized by the black bird, and asking why they’re working on what they’re working on. If the answer is a good one, the community / blue bird will pitch in and help.

[Creative writing contest] Blue bird and black bird

I felt some cognitive dissonance at the small tree / lumberjack scene. Black Bird could have helped fight the lumberjack, then cut down the sprout. So it doesn’t map very well to actual catastrophic risk tradeoffs. I don’t know how to fix it though.

Needed: Input on testing fit for your career

This seems like it could be a very valuable resource, and I will totally use it.

In favor of more anthropics research

Ah, thanks. It was a while ago, so I guess I was misremembering.

In favor of more anthropics research

I haven't done significant research into the Doomsday argument, but I do remember thinking it seemed intuitively plausible when I first heard of it. Then I listened to this 80,000 Hours podcast , and the discussion on the doomsday argument, if I remember correctly, convinced me it's a non-issue. But you may want to relisted to make sure I'm remembering correctly.  correction: I was not remembering correctly. They came away with the conclusion that more funding & research is needed in this space.

There may be good work to be done on formalizing the puzzle, and proving beyond a doubt that the logic doesn't hold.

[PR FAQ] Banner highlighting valuable EA resources

This seems cool. I think I’d learn quite a bit about what orgs & resources exist if this was implemented, but also worry it may take up too much space, and I’ll decide to turn it off out of annoyance.

Narration: Improving the EA-aligned research pipeline: Sequence introduction

I said I wasn't going to publish this as a frontpage post, but I misclicked a button during the posting process. Sorry. It'd be nice if an moderator could take it off the frontpage.

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