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Friend of animals :D


The Nuclear football is a lie?!! TIL

For every dollar someone lost, someone else gained a dollar, I wonder where that money went.

Interesting point, that what's at stake here is the delta between an excruciating death now vs a few years of wild animal life and painful death later.

Thanks, I have iodine supplements but wasn't sure if I should take them because of confusion around how much is too much,

But not being a table salt person looks like I should take at least a little!

Interesting suggestion, curious as to what other ideas are out there and why the one suggested here may be preferred

Looks like that list of possible things that could be impacted was copied from this source:

GPT4 says it's unlikely that those would be impacted by the bill: https://chat.openai.com/share/49d449b2-c753-4fc3-bee3-61179832fa5d

This seems more accurate in terms of discussion of what laws may be impacted:

Very likely so(imo).

But possibly there are other important questions as well relating to the impact of improving global heath. Such as:

"Does improving global health increase innovation"

"Does a faster rate of innovation make a world where large-scale bioengineering helps animal welfare come faster?"(ex. via wild animal welfare, or clean meat)

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