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In your yearly review you mention that Rethink may significantly expand its Longtermism research group in the future, including potentially into new focus areas and topics. Do you have any ideas of what these might be (beyond the mentioned AI governance), and how you might choose (i.e. looking for a niche where Rethink can play a major role, following demand of stakeholders, etc.)?

If in 5 and/or 10 years time you look back on RP and feel its been a major success, what would that look like? What kind(s) of impact would you consider important, and by what bar would you measure your attainment/progress towards that?

OPIS policy paper: Legalising access to psilocybin for the treatment of cluster headaches

Congratulations! Brilliant to see a combined advocacy approach too - if you don't mind sharing, how did you go about producing the accompanying video? I'm keen to introduce more media into my own advocacy work so I'm keen to learn.