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The Importance of Those Who Aren't Here

One relevant concept might be that of the feedback loop, where the output of a process affects the input. For instance, if you survey only people who are already attending your events as to how to improve them, you might wind up missing ways to improve it for those who didn't attend. After several cycles of this you might wind up with an event that is very appealing for the "in crowd" but which doesn't much appeal to newcomers.

Phil Torres' article: "The Dangerous Ideas of 'Longtermism' and 'Existential Risk'"

Note that Torres was banned from the forum for a year following a previous discussion here where he repeatedly called another member a liar and implied that member should be fired from his job.

How to Train Better EAs?

Good point re: Charity Entrepreneurship.

I'm somewhat more skeptical of the grantmaking thing though because there are few enough positions that it is not very legible who is good at it, whether others currently outside the field could do better, etc.

I could be wrong -- I can point to specific things from some grantmakers that I thought were particularly good, for instance -- but it doesn't feel to me that it's the most amenable field for such a program. 

(Note that this is low-confidence and I could be wrong -- if there are more objective grantmaking skill metrics somewhere I'd be very interested to see more!)

How to Train Better EAs?

My impression is that the people who end up working in EA organizations are not on the same tier of discipline, work ethic, commitment, etc. as elite military forces and are not really even very close?

I don't say that to disparage EA direct workers, I'm involved in direct work myself  -- but my sense is that much more is possible. That said, as you mention the amount of discipline needed may simply not be as high.

Research into people's willingness to change cause *areas*?

For some reason I can't see the draft, when I click on the notification I received for it it says "Error: app.operation_not_allowed" and kind of glitches out the interface until I refresh. Apologies!

(edit: fixed now, thanks!)

Research into people's willingness to change cause *areas*?

Thanks, I'm impressed by this reply and your willingness to go out there and do a survey. I will have more substantive feedback later as I want to consult with someone else before making a further statement -- ping me if I haven't replied by Friday.

Research into people's willingness to change cause *areas*?

I (very anecdotally) think there are lots of people who are interested in donating to quite specific cause areas, e.g. "my father died of cancer so I donate to cancer charities" or "I want to donate to help homelessness in my area" -- haven't studied that in depth though.

What are the leading critiques of "longtermism" and related concepts

Hmm, I remember seeing a criticism somewhere in the EA-sphere that went something like:

"The term "longtermism" is misleading because in practice "longtermism" means "concern over short AI timelines", and in fact many "longtermists" are concerned with events on a much shorter time scale than the rest of EA."

I thought that was a surprising and interesting argument, though I don't recall who initially made it. Does anyone remember?

Ways Frugality Increases Productivity
The most important thing in life is to be free to do things. There are only two ways to insure that freedom — you can be rich or you can you reduce your needs to zero. I will never be rich, so I have chosen to crank down my desires. The bureaucracy cannot take anything from me, because there is nothing to take.

Colonel John Boyd

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