Dean Guzman Wyrzykowski

COO @ The Simple Heart Initiative
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Hi! I am a co-founder of The Simple Heart Initiative, an animal rights nonprofit using open rescue to accelerate the movement for species equality.

I think a lot about effective animal advocacy, especially in the contexts of social movements and politics.

Previously, I was president of the animal advocacy club at UC Berkeley and the field director for a candidate for mayor of Berkeley.

How others can help me

Share resources on effective animal advocacy, especially relating to (and critiquing) movement-building

How I can help others

Open rescue and undercover investigations of factory farms and other animal abusing facilities


 I've felt the same sense of rage and sadness at the casual portrayal of mass casualty events for farmed animals. Trucks with thousands of chickens flipping over on highways. Hurricane floods in North Carolina drowning tens of thousands of trapped pigs while the companies collect insurance money. The occasional barn fire that kills a hundred thousand but barely makes the news.

Every time. No injuries reported. 

This is a powerful and relatable piece. Thank you.

Really interesting. I've acted as though insects were sentient out of moral caution, and I'm surprised to see there is more research and more confidence on them than I thought. Thanks for this compilation!