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EA Organization Updates: March 2020

March Update from The Humane League

The Humane League published their 2019 Annual Report which details the transformative progress they achieved to spare millions of animals from suffering around the world.

THL continues to invest in global efforts to reduce the suffering of chickens. Last month, THL UK secured Better Chicken Commitments from two companies, including Blue Apple Contract Catering, one of the fastest growing foodservice companies in the country.

To ensure that corporate commitments are meaningful, THL also engages companies with cage-free commitments due in 2020 or earlier to hold them accountable. In response to this outreach, two UK companies reported having completed their cage-free transition for egg-laying hens in March.

The Humane League Labs launched a newsletter highlighting new empirical research in farm animal advocacy. To receive these monthly updates, subscribe to THL Labs’ mailing list.

Additionally, amidst this rapidly changing global landscape, THL’s leadership is developing resources and providing support to communities impacted by this crisis:

  • President David Coman-Hidy published an opinion piece shedding light on the link between zoonotic disease and factory farming.
  • As many people transitioned to temporarily working from home, Executive Vice President Andrea Gunn offered guidance on how to effectively manage a remote workplace.
  • The Humane League is standing with slaughterhouse workers who are demanding basic workplace protections as major chicken producers neglect their employees’ health and safety. Read the blog by Director of Corporate Engagement Taylor Ford.