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Just someone tryna do good.


Really hoping I'll be able to read all these titles some time in the future..!

Never heard of this before, this is giving me some definitive food for thought. Thanks!

Amazing. Thanks so much for this. Gives me some food for thought, for sure.

Will there be opportunities for people to pitch new ideas? (as in: for orgs or initiatives)

Nothing much more to add except for that I'll be using "pepperoni airplane" a lot from now on. I agree with your take on nontraditional paths.

Now this is a study I love. Thanks for publishing!

For people that want to discuss this more and learn from each other's experiences, or request for coaching, do check https://effectivethesis.org/

Excellent piece. I think I can only agree with this.

Oh I found myself wondering about this the other day. Thanks for directing me to that EA group!

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