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How to apply for a PhD

For people that want to discuss this more and learn from each other's experiences, or request for coaching, do check https://effectivethesis.org/

Virtue signaling is sometimes the best or the only metric we have

Excellent piece. I think I can only agree with this.

Oh I found myself wondering about this the other day. Thanks for directing me to that EA group!

FTX Future Fund and Longtermism

This appeals strongly to Millennials and Zoomers. Love it. Also, still a format that brings the message across. Thanks!

EA should learn from the Neoliberal movement

Could you elaborate more on this "substantial overlap in beliefs" between EAs and neoliberals?

Phil Harvey (1938 - 2021)

Oh, to die a King of Condoms (and an impactful philanthropist)! Thanks for writing this!

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