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If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Governor Of California? (Scott Alexander: Astral Codex Ten)

most people here want social justification via legible verbal reasoning before they do anything. pwned by the left brain. spending time reading forecasts to manage your uncertainty is anticorrelated with success at a social thing that requires selling yourself. i tried running for city council once after someone suggested it but didn't get far due to social anxiety. maybe try walking up to individuals and suggest they run for public office. the least you can do is support someone you know who is trying it. trying it requires not looking around you for foolproof evidence that it will work out.

Why did EA organizations fail at fighting to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic?

When in 2017 the US moratorium on gain of functions was lifted the big EA organization that promise their donors to act against Global Catastrophic Risk were asleep and didn't react. That's despite those organizations counting pandemics as a possible Global Catastrophic Risk.

Looking back it seems like this was easy mode, given that a person in the EA community had done the math. Why didn't the big EA organizations listen more?

Can you describe in greater detail what the world looks like in which big EA organizations did do the thing you wish they had done? And what features our current world diverges from this one on, specifically? What is your anticipation of experience?

How can I best use product management skills for digital services for good?

I’m also very open to offer support and help (for free of course) related to product management and product development to non-profit organisations and startups connected to EA, but I’m uncertain of where my skills would be needed.

Thanks for the offer. I sent you a message!

New Top EA Causes for 2021?


I think the axis of Imaginary Time has been entirely neglected. It is time chauvinism to prefer one dimension of time over any other. 

DonyChristie's Shortform

This post claims the financial system could collapse due to Reasons. I am pretty skeptical but haven't looked at it closely. Signal-boosting due to the low chance it's right. Can someone else who knows more finance analyze its claims?

Apply to the Stanford Existential Risks Conference! (April 17-18)

Is this in-person or virtual? (I haven't clicked on the link yet.)

Edit: I found my answer, but leaving this for others' benefit.

DonyChristie's Shortform

I am seeking funding so I can work on my collective action project over the next year without worrying about money so much. If this interests you, you can book a call with me here. If you know nothing about me, one legible accomplishment of mine is creating the EA Focusmate group, which has 395 members as of writing.

Creating A Kickstarter for Coordinated Action

The URL has a period at the end that needs removing. :)

Creating A Kickstarter for Coordinated Action

DonyChristie (a programmer who already build a prototype website)

I don't know if I'm much of a programmer yet enough to be called one. That Google Site was just a quick  attempt at a proof-of-concept and explanation of my thoughts back in June. 

Religious Texts and EA: What Can We Learn and What Can We Inform?

The trappings of organized religion are a hollow shell of the mystic states at their core. Make sure the texts you focus on constitute the heart of that system's spiritual practice.

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