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The Future Fund regrantors are approaching their deadline (September 31st) to fund projects and I'm guessing some of them are scrambling to find stuff to fund due to deadline pressure, so I'm posting this question as a public good for them to look for opportunities. Post individual suggestions as top-level comments if you want people to upvote them, or make it a list if you have a lot of suggestions. I recommend taking a minute to think through your social network (did you meet anyone at EAG?) who has a project that could be evaluated for funding.




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I’m actively seeking funding for direct research and community building in technical AI safety. I‘ve been working at Lionel Levine’s lab on language model honesty research since the summer, and I recently founded USC AI Safety with more than 30 members with ML background in our first fellowship. Happy to provide much more detail upon request, send me a DM. Alternatively, if this isn’t an appropriate request I’ll take this down.

*Maximizing the Technological Capacity of New Zealand in Post-Catastrophic Isolation*

I've been considering a project which would aim to maximize the technological capacity that New Zealand could maintain were it isolated following a global catastrophe.

I've written a one-pager, discussing why the project is of global importance and providing a little more detail as to what the project might entail.

Would be happy to receive any feedback or to answer any questions :)

Another idea from our EA Lab/Think-Tank:

IDEA: A self-sustaining Lending platform/organization that gives out very low interest, zero-collateral micro-loans to the poorest people in Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing countries globally.


Loans will range from $25 to $1000 and repayment durations will be from 1 month to 1 year

Loans are meant to be used by these poor people for things like:

  • Buying seeds and fertilizer during the planting season
  • Hiring seasonal labourers for their farms
  • Hiring artisans for their workshop
  • Buying goods to trade with in the market or in their shop
  • Buying tools for their workshops or artisanal vocations
  • Shop/store rent
  • Optional: There can also be special consideration for payment for the most critical health bills of the poorest people

Execution and Funding Requirement:

  • This will be a hybrid of a physical over-the-counter business with a handful of physical offices in different locations coupled with a global online platform where people can request for loans.
  • New borrowers will be vetted by partners in the field. New borrowers will get small loans at the onset and as they repay without default, they build up their credit rating which qualifies them for larger loans.

We will be happy to provide any more details on request. Any interested donor please DM me

Hi friends,

I am part of a newly-formed Lab/think-tank whose purpose is to come up with great EA ideas, source for funds for them and execute them. Here is one of the ideas we have that need funding:

IDEA: To Establish a Co-ordination Center/Regional Hub for EA activities and research to cover states in the Southern region of Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Potential Impacted Population

  • Nigeria has a total population of 200 Million+ with nearly 70% under 30 years of age and nearly half of the entire population living in poverty
  •  The Southern region of Nigeria (which is the coverage area of this project) contains about a third of Nigeria's population
  • It is home to more than 100 universities and tertiary institutions. And thousands of high schools and colleges


Relevance of the Project

This Project aligns with multiple areas of interest and suggested project ideas of Future Fund as listed on their website here ->  https://ftxfuturefund.org/projects/  and here -> https://ftxfuturefund.org/area-of-interest/

With this single project, we can kill numerous birds with one stone (figuratively speaking, of course!) which is a highly effective way to go.

Below is a list of some of the aims of this project:

  • To synergize with other EA communities and projects within the coverage area by acting as a liaison point or co-ordination/support hub.
  • To organize regular EA related events and meetups within the coverage area
  • To conduct EA relevant research and gather local data relevant to EA
  • Produce and distribute a quarterly publication on EA matters (hardcopy + online magazine)
  • Create regular multimedia content (video, blogs, podcasts) relating to EA in Nigeria, Africa and globally. Create youtube channels and social network communities to distribute this content
  • Produce a regular radio and TV program (in the local lingua franca) covering EA matters and broadcast on local TV and Radio stations in the coverage area. This will create massive awareness
  • To engage with government agencies and local politicians to push for EA friendly and AI related policies
  • Brainstorm and engage with relevant stakeholders and experts to domesticate EA ideologies tailoring them to the local norms and cultures of the coverage area
  • To produce and distribute EA content in the major local languages of Nigeria
  • To reach out to schools and universities within the coverage area and hold events to massively spread the word about EA and its core values
  • Establish EA Groups in schools in the area
  • Award mini-scholarships to exceptional students from poor areas.
  • Identify the best performing university students and encourage them with financial awards for excellence. Establish a virtual think tank comprising of these students, the purpose being to expose them deeper to EA and encourage them to study, perform research and create content in EA and AI - relevant fields where they could contribute to solving some of EA's challenges.
  • To work with local undiscovered talents from poor areas in the coverage area to produce EA themed short movies and content in English and local languages for distribution online and airing on TV



This will require major actions like setting up a main office and some smaller outposts, registering a legal non-profit entity, obtaining operational licenses,  hiring permanent staff (up to 10), purchasing equipment and vehicles amongst others.

We will be happy to provide any more details on request. Any interested donor please DM me 

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