Drew Magness

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Hey there! I'm a young recent graduate wrapping up a year volunteering for a small NGO in Lebanon. I'll be headed to Bain and Co in January 2024 and looking for ways to learn and grow before starting. I've spent 5 years coaching students in speech and debate, which allows me to help mentor and guide ambitious young people. I'm interested in testing my fit for research or roles in policy before my start date at Bain.

How others can help me

Looking for people to talk to about working in research or policy in DC. 

How I can help others

Would love to talk to people about Lebanon (I volunteered there for a year) and can help people with the management consulting application process. 


Seems net-neg. Research here using 10 commercial farms who each kept a flock of beak-trimmed hens and non-beak-trimmed hens. 

"omitting beak trimming had negative consequences for the condition of plumage, skin, and keel bone, and tended to increase mortality, highlighting the risk of reduced welfare when keeping layers with intact beaks."