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Hey Pat, thanks for the heads up. You're right that, despite working on desktop and via the LinkedIn mobile app, the search link doesn't seem to work on mobile browsers.

One quick workaround is to request the desktop site on the mobile browser, which seems to load properly on my side.

Excited to see this is returning for another year! A few notes:

- This year's match is (currently) "only" for up to $50,000 (for reference, last year a total of $620K was matched), and might not last very long
- See e.g. my Every.org profile for a list of ~75 EA-aligned orgs on the site (as of Nov. 2021)
- Note that you can fund your Every.org account straight from your DAF
- Here's last year's post, with some helpful info in the comments too

Ah! Ctrl+Enter does work in the Playground. I was doing most of my development in VS Code--not sure if it's also supposed to work there, but I don't see it in the keybindings.json.

Re: settings persistence in Playground, do they also come along with the share links? The critical ones for me would be Sample Count and the Function Display Settings.

Looking forward to auto-formatting as well!

Calculating up to annually_averted_health_dalys_time_discounted was taking me well over a minute in v0.3.0, but is down to ~5 seconds in v0.3.1--a big improvement!

I originally had to comment the actual model output (dollars_per_daly_equivalents_averted(20)) because it wouldn't return at all in v0.3.0, but now it's ~2 mins in v0.3.1.

For reference, the whole Causal model takes ~5 seconds to update.

One such project, already underway, is our work on interspecies comparisons of moral weight.

FYI this link gives me an "Access Denied" error.

This is interesting, thanks for writing it up! I recently did an analysis of US cities (mostly looking for a wintering location, not a full move), and Tulsa ended up scoring relatively low, which was disappointing since I know there's a growing EA community there.

I'm really curious in your biking experience in particular, since that's the category where it fared the worst. I looked at bike commuter data, but I guess that's just a proxy for good commuter infrastructure, which is what I probably care about. Why do you think so few Tulsans bike at the moment?

I've been thinking about relocation recently too, though mostly through the lens of finding a better wintering location in the US. This post inspired me to at least upload (if not exactly document) my analysis to date. See here:


And the current top 10:

                                         biking   housing     vegan    winter  summer     total
City             State                                                                         
Berkeley         California            2.142016 -2.166879  2.770248  3.772590     0.0  1.303595
Gainesville      Florida               1.117079  0.854543  0.780399  3.384664    -0.0  1.227337
Tempe            Arizona               1.329176 -0.184675  1.161235  3.508773    -0.0  1.162902
Portland         Oregon                1.999723 -0.720326  2.868659  1.473931     0.0  1.124397
New Orleans      Louisiana             0.739080  0.053609  1.451345  3.197368    -0.0  1.088280
Hollywood        Florida              -0.717470 -0.222100  2.601399  3.434937    -0.0  1.019353
Boulder          Colorado              2.702441 -1.017822  0.899562  2.222392    -0.0  0.961315
Cambridge        Massachusetts         2.433792 -1.559463  1.255650  2.648835    -0.0  0.955763
Orlando          Florida              -1.171810  0.527952  1.594634  3.601198    -0.0  0.910395
St. Petersburg   Florida              -0.573223  0.002294  1.410371  3.478732    -0.0  0.863635

(Scores are log2 where 0 is Chicago, and total is the average of each row.)

Of the factors mentioned above, this focuses almost entirely on (my) "Personal fit" via considering things like weather, bike-ability, vegan-friendliness, etc. But I'm also keen to explore the "Coordination with other EAs working on shared cause areas and projects" and "Opportunities for movement-building in non-saturated EA hubs" points via new community Schelling points (hence the name).

Originally I made a digital SSC podcast (feed) so that I could listen through the back catalog of posts (the human reader version didn't start until ~2017). I ended up getting used to the robot narrator, so I just kept it running on ACX. One small upside is that the digital versions get created within minutes of new posts.

This is awesome! I did something similar for Astral Codex Ten (feed, post) a while back. The human version is also good, if you like that kind of thing.

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Here are a few other forum posts on the general topic of fiction and EA.

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