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What novels, poetry, comics have EA themes, plots or characters?

Here are a few other forum posts on the general topic of fiction and EA.

Cause X Guide

Along these lines, preventing childhood lead poisoning is another potential candidate.

Uncertainty and sensitivity analyses of GiveWell's cost-effectiveness analyses

Thanks for this (somewhat overwhelming!) analysis. I tried to do something similar a few years back, and am pretty enthusiastic about the idea of incorporating more uncertainty analysis into cost effectiveness estimates, generally.

One thing (that I don't think you mentioned, though I'm still working through the whole post) this allows you to do is use techniques from Modern Portfolio Theory to create giving portfolios with similar altruistic returns and lower downside risk. I'd be curious to see if your analysis could be used in a similar way.

How do EA Orgs Account for Uncertainty in their Analysis?

I've done a little work on this, using techniques from modern portfolio theory, and uncertainty estimates from GiveWell and ACE to generate optimal charity portfolios. See here for a background post, and here for my 2016 update.