Eli Kaufman

Salesforce Administrator @ The END Fund
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Discovered EA in 2021.

Studied computer science and linguistics.

Professionally I'm working as a consultant primarily with the Salesforce technology, helping organizations optimize their operational processes.

My work experience in the field of operations, working with startups and tech companies.

Enjoy meeting new people from the EA world, don't hesitate to reach out!

How others can help me

If you are part of an org looking for help with your systems/processes;

If you are looking for a career direction and are curious about being a consultant / business analyst;

If you know someone who could be a good addition to my network;

How I can help others

I'm looking to use my skills to help EA-aligned organizations to most the most impact


Thank you for writing this article Patrick.

As someone with a similar-ish background of discovering EA in mid-career, many of the things you mentioned resonate with my experience. I might write a post about my own experience.

Interesting! Minor comment: there's a missing y in the header "Why Bean Soaking ma be tractable".

Since I'm not familiar with the water situation in Uganda, wanted to check if you have considered what would be the impact of using more water to soak the beans? Would families have to spend more time/money to obtain more clean water?

And a potential information campaign could take place in the markets where people buy their beans.

The bit about the vaccine sitting on the shelf for 20 years makes me think: what other potential treatments are available but not researched/deployed due to lack of commercial incentive? I wonder if there's a systematic research to identify the most promising interventions in this category.

I think it was too unstable but it paved the way for military uses of stable explosives.

Here's my stab at it: Long before the internet, this folk wisdom encapsulates the notion that: A. It's not enough to have an intention without acting on it and/or B. It's often hard to predict the long-term implications of an action. Famous examples: the inventor of the plastic bag was trying to solve the problem of waste from paper bags; Alfred Nobel's dynamite was created as a safe way to blast rocks.

Nice story, thanks for sharing! It's important to have all kinds of views to stop this forum from becoming an echo chamber.

Great summary of FIRE. My journey involved discovering FIRE a decade prior to discovering EA, which I feel equipped me with tools useful for EA mindset:

  • not trying to be a maximalist e.g. it's ok to go on holiday while pursuing bigger goals
  • not to get into analysis paralysis e.g. rather than trying to find the very best passive fund or constructing my own portfolio which needs to be rebalanced, go for Vanguard's fund so I don't have to worry about this.
  • making career decisions based a way of life different to mainstream.

Had an idea, don't know if it was previously explored: The amounts currently donated throughout EA are miniscule in comparison to traditional philanthropy. Wouldn't it be effective trying to reach established philanthropic foundations and convince them to look at impact? With the right connections, even getting one or two foundations become more impact-oriented could be massive.

Interesting approach, trying to synthesize Financial Independence with effective giving! (are there others in the forum pursuing FI?) While I don't have a direct solution to the PDF questions, wanted to mention an initiative that could be relevant - a way to get your savings do good: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/FMgvYitqeikgTxpcw/global-income-coin-a-ubi-generating-currency

“Family and Computer Sciences” sounded peculiar. Clicking the link revealed it was “Family and Consumer Sciences.”

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