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Hello world,

My name is Eli and this is my first EA forum post.


  1. I’d like to help EA orgs with implementing solutions based on Salesforce.
  2. I'm looking to connect with other professionals working with this technology.
  3. I'll be happy to provide advice to people new to this or considering it as a career.

My background

My expertise is helping organizations make the most using their operational systems. For the last 10+ years I have worked primarily with the Salesforce technology to empower stakeholders and teams in organizations e.g. allowing a team to get more applications processed, better reports, avoid duplicate data entry. Currently I'm a freelancer and having discovered EA last year I'm excited about making the most impact using my skills.


Why Salesforce?

Salesforce is a very popular platform both in the commercial as well as in the non-profit sector. Many of the larger EA orgs such as CEA & Open Phil are already using it. But in addition to being a good solution for organizations, it is also an extremely good way for people from all backgrounds to get into well-paid careers in the tech world.


What I’m looking for

I would love to harness my skills and experience to help EA-related organizations but found that there are few job ads for this specific role while my network is not yet broad enough in the EA community.

Target audience:

  • If you’re working in an EA-related org that could use help - let’s chat to bounce ideas.
  • If you are also already working with the technology let's connect.
  • If you’re interested in a career path as a Salesforce admin/consultant - I can offer mentoring.


Get in touch

You can get in touch via this link.

Disclaimer: I’m looking for freelance/employment opportunities but happy to offer free advice.





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Can you elaborate more on what benefits an organization might get from Salesforce?

Here are a few typical use cases:

  • a process whereby a few team members have to collaborate (for example reviewing forms submitted via a webpage with one person doing the initial screening, selecting a subset of the forms for a second person to review and sending response to the form submitter). While this can be done using a spreadsheet and email, it does not scale well and has a lot of friction without a proper system. Building an end-to-end solution with notifications and automation allows scaling it up massively without increasing overheads.

  • creating data-driven reports allows making better decisions on the basis of trends rather than anecdotal evidence. Example: customer support team sees an increase of queries about a particular topic shortly after a software release. Flagging it up early speeds up getting it resolved and drives customer satisfaction.

  • storing better data about volunteers/donors to help tailoring more relevant marketing messages for them increasing engagement. Can I get a list of donors who recently attended an event and are interested in animal welfare? No problem!

In general, it's about storing the relevant organization data in a way that contributes to getting more done, more efficiently and more transparently.


Hi Eli! I'm glad those orgs are using Salesforce. It's powerful and scales very well. Annoyingly Salesforce themselves can be a massive sales and hype machine though, so it's not always easy to get the best advice from them directly. So freelance can be doubly useful.

True, independent advice can save time and costs.

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