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Open Thread: August 2021

We're doing an in person social next week in Boulder if you want to come say hi :)

What is the closest thing you know to EA that isn't EA?

I'm glad you mentioned this - I was just in conversation with another EA/systems thinking advocate and we saw some valuable potential to cross pollinate. Where are you based? We may scheme a bit on how to create intersection points if you'd be interested.

Open Thread: May 2021

I would love to see how you'd solve that equation now, compared to when you first wrote it. Glad your teacher knew where to point you!

Open Thread: May 2021

Hello! I'm one of the folks who only recently found out about EA but have been hacking my own independent version for years... It's incredible to find what I had hoped was in existence after so long. (My portal key was this podcast episode: https://samharris.org/podcasts/228-doing-good/

It feels like walking into a room of strangers but realizing, 'Now these are my people'. The most parallel experience I've had was being invited to an Ecoversities gathering a few years back, arriving in a Costa Rica and within a few hours feeling a sense of soul belonging. (If you believe in rooted, whole-self development.. Here they are http://ecoversities.org/

My passion is supporting young people in finding their path and their autonomy - and I'm in the process of interviewing folks who do feel they've found a way to live an inspired, impactful life about how they got there. Anyone here want to participate? *

*Disclaimer: You don't to have all your everything figured out, would love to talk to most anyone who's found their way here.