As I was learning about EA, I found myself wanting the core of EA summarized in a single place, as well as a map of sorts to help me orient to where to explore next. This is my (first) attempt to create that. I would love input from the community about how to make the content more representative. After I get more input I will do a final edit, add a bit of design to make it more visually interesting, and share it in a follow-up post. 

Please have a look & let me know what you think: Effective Altruism | A Primer 

Some Questions:

1. What is the best way to share about key or common cause areas? Since there is no definitive consensus on these (or even what words to use to speak to them) I wonder what thoughts or input people have?

2. Stories and examples are powerful. Currently this doesn't include any (primarily to keep it concise but also TBH because I don't love most of the commonly cited examples and think they are already over-referenced, so if people who encounter this continue learning about EA they will likely find them anyways.) Does anyone have ideas or input on what might be a way to still incorporate story into this piece?

3. Could you see yourself using this? If so, in what ways?

4. Where do you point people to learn about EA? 

Feel free to leave comments below or directly in the document.

& Thanks to those who have offered feedback and encouragement thus far!




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