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The best $5,800 I’ve ever donated (to pandemic prevention).

And then they can read the post above to have that question clearly answered!

We should consider funding well-known think tanks to do EA policy research

Any tips on the 'how' of funding EA work at such think tanks?

Reach out to individual researchers and suggest they apply for grants (from SFF, LTFF, etc.)? Reach out as a funder with a specific proposal? Something else?

Democratising Risk - or how EA deals with critics

opinion which ... is mainly advocated by billionaires

Do you mean that most people advocating for techno-positive longtermist concern for x-risk are billionaires, or that most billionaires so advocate?

I don't think either claim is true (or even close to true).

Ambitious Altruistic Software Engineering Efforts: Opportunities and Benefits

The RSP idea is cool.

Dumb question — what part of the post does this refer to?

Formalizing the cause prioritization framework

One reason to keep Tractability separate from Neglectedness is to distinguish between "% of problem solved / extra dollars from anyone" and "% of problem solved / extra dollars from you".

In theory, anybody's marginal dollar is just as good as anyone else's. But by making the distinction explicit, it forces you to consider where on the marginal utility curve we actually are. If you don't track how many other dollars have already been poured into solving a problem, you might be overly optimistic about how far the next dollar will go.

I think this may be close to the reason Holden(?) originally had in mind when he included neglectedness in the framework.

Should Grants Fund EA Projects Retrospectively?

Note that Vitalik Buterin has also recently started promoting related ideas: Retroactive Public Goods Funding

Uncorrelated Investments for Altruists

Trendfollowing tends to perform worse in rapid drawdowns because it doesn't have time to rebalance

I wonder if it makes sense to rebalance more frequently when volatility (or trading volume) is high.

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