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Working in environment education in Germany and I am a part of the EA Göttingen local chapter.


Welcome Danielle,

nice to see you here! The EA movement can help you with your career choices. I really recomment getting in touch with a group either local or virtual.

If you want to learn more about EA, a Fellowship is a good way to learn together and share your different views and arguments or if you want to learn more which career would be a good fit for you book an 1o1 with someone. Don't be shy to hit on people and write them if you have an idea or a question.

The community is here for you. :)

PS: Reading recommendation time. I belive in you can only give a book away as a present which you have read yourself, so I will recommend you Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind : Harari, Yuval Noah. The title gives its premise away but it really helped me to extent my view on our species and the timescales we are dealing with (important for longtermism and our own historical perspective). I recommend it partially because I just finished Homo Deus from the same author and it makes a good addition to the first book.

Also maybe look here:
I scraped all public "Effective Altruists" Goodreads reading lists

I did not know about the second channel. Thanks for pointing it out. Riccardo said he watched an interview, my mistake.

This youtuber seems to be popular, I saw some folks mentioning him here. Maybe I will give him a try.

Welcome to the EA forum Mr. Baldwin.

I like to link to stuff others pointed out so it is easier to get to the content. Here is a link to the podcast episode of People I (Mostly) Admire with William MacAskill:

Episode 86, A Million-Year View on Morality (52:31)
"Philosopher Will MacAskill thinks about how to do as much good as possible. But that’s really hard, especially when you’re worried about humans who won’t be born for many generations."

"If we discount at the conservative rate of 2% per year [...]".
This argument strikes me as one from Richard A. Posner presented in his book: Catastrophe: Risk and Response (https://www.amazon.com/Catastrophe-Risk-Response-Richard-Posner/dp/0195306473/).

This idea is known in the community but I am looking forward for your post and the discussion beneath it. :)

Also big kudos to donating based on effectiveness over the past decades (and donating at all). I think this could also deserve a post, on your history of figuring out which donation is effective and how you choose between them.


Since we are fixing broken links here, we have a outdated one here.

We currently link to the old handbook:

instead of the new one:

Every other link worked just fine.

dear hank & john 002 - It's a Humor Podcast! (a very brief mention at question 1)

This redditor asked a related question:
"Did Hank and/or John ever comment on effective altruism? Where?"
https://www.reddit.com/r/nerdfighters/comments/nrikvp/did_hank_andor_john_ever_comment_on_effective/ (it says 1 comment but I am unable to find it, mabye I dont know reddit too well)

A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor by Hank Green could be considered EA related:

There was a cooperation with their charity event:
"Join our Project for Awesome workshop to make videos for high-impact charities, in order to win money for them and introduce them to a wider audience! During Project for Awesome, a community-driven charitable event created by Hank and John Green, thousands of people create videos advocating for various charities. Then, people vote for their favorite videos during a 48-hour continuous live stream. Last year, the effective altruism community won about $190,000 split across 7 charities: The Against Malaria Foundation, The Good Food Institute, GiveDirectly, Clean Air Task Force, The Humane League, Givewell Maximum Impact Fund, and Wild Animal Initiative. Three of the EA community's videos were featured, and John gave a shoutout to EA."

So they know GiveWell and Effective Altruism.

Hello Tom,

welcome to the EA community. I also encountered EA related topics countless times before joining (Give Well, 80k, LessWrong, ...). Nice to see you here. :)

Now to your questions.

I dont know if 80k works with career advisers in educational institutions, but I know that they will answer your question fast and in detail if you write them directly:

Doing good better is published in 2015. Carbon capture and sequestration is still future tech and does not resolve the problem with rising climate gases.

Simon Clark did a video on this topic lately, condemning the tech:

Have a look into the IPCC report and look for yourself:

Why not just donate to the best cause?
The best cause is specific to you. It is good practice to splitt your donations on different cause areas, since you have different interests and want to improve the world in different areas.
If everyone would be like a perfect robot and is only donating to the best cause at the time every donation would go to them, thus making everyone else neglected which would make them the best cause in return.

You don't have to donate strictly to one cause area, feel free to decide in which area you want to have an impact and then search where you could make the biggest impact.

Nice to see that you have read quite some EA literature and that you are working together with your students to make the world a better place. The saying goes in the education for Sustainable Development:"think globally, act locally."

Welcome Fazle,

a good way to learn more about EA is to participate in the Intro Fellowship. Take a look here:

I watched the Kurtzgesagt video too and was so hyped if it would bring new people to the plattform. Nice to see you here. I hope you can get the necessary information for you out of here and learn something. :)

Hello Sarah,

welcome and thank you for your donations! Even if it makes you feel good to donate and you do it because of this good feeling it would be completely fine to feel this way. If not, also great. :)

I am not part of the EA community in Canada but they seem to have seven local groups which you can join if you want.

Feel free to explore the forum and take a look into the handbook. 

Welcome Arturo.

Changing our institutions to fit the existencial risks is a big part of EA. I hope you find a group where you can participate, learn something new and change the world to be a bit better than before. :)

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