Felix Wolf

Pursuing an undergraduate degree
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Working in environment education in Germany and I am a part of the EA Göttingen local chapter.


Hey Matt,

welcome to the EA Forum. :)

Your personal guidelines translate well into our community guidelines here in the forum. No worries on that front.

If you want any guidance on where to find more information or where to start, feel free to ask or write me a personal message. 

I was browsing your website/blog and found a missing page:
The presentation is offline atm. I hope this helps. :D

A suggestion for your work as lead head deputy associate administrator and facilitator could be to visit this website:

Non-Trivial sponsors fellowships for student projects, which is something you could do in the future, but more importantly for now maybe take a look at their course:

"How to (actually) change the world" could be interesting.

With kind regards


Hey Silas,

welcome to the Forum. I wish you the best of luck to find a fulfilling career. :)

If you have any kind of question on where to find resources or what not, feel free to ask.

With kind regards


Hey Manuel,
thanks for pointing this out. 

Your first post passed the scrutiny. Congratulations. ;-)

I suggest adding a link to the Amazon page with the book. Like this: https://www.amazon.com/-/en/dp/019765570X/ or better inside your text like this.

You are welcome.

Hey Nathan,

thank you for the ranking list. :)

I don't think you need to start with zero karma again. The karma system is not supposed to mean very much. It is heavily favoured in certain aspects than a true representation of your skill or trustworthiness as a user on this forum. It is more or less a xp bar for social situations and is an indicator that someone posts good content here.

Let's look at an example:

Aaron Gertler retired from the forum, someone who is in high regard, which got a lot of attention and sympathy. Many people were interested in the post, and it's an easy topic to participate. So many were scrolling down to the comments to write something nice and thanking him for his work.

JP Addison did so too. He works for CEA and as a developer for the forum. His comment got more Karma than any post he made so far.

Karma is used in many places with different concepts behind it. The sum of it gives you no clear information. What I would think in your case: you are an active member of the forum, participate positively with only one post with negative karma. You participated in the FTX crisis discussion, which was an opportunity to gain or lose significant amounts of karma, but you survived it, probably with a good score.

Internetpoints can make you feel fantastic, they are a system to motivate for social interaction and to follow the community norms (in positive and negative ways).

Your modesty suits you well, but there is no need to. Stand upwards. There will always be those with few points but really good content, and those who overshoot the gems by far with activity.

How would you implement such a system? How could the system know if something is worth their karma points and something else is underrated?

Suggestion: make the wrap up easily shareable. Download as a .jpg for example.

I had to make a screenshot on my phone which did not captured everything.

I really enjoy this feature. :)

Hey Francis,
welcome to the EA Forum. :)

Hi Andie,
welcome to the EA Forum. Maybe add a bio, so everyone can see what interests you have.

Is there a specific cause area which you find the most interesting?

Have a nice day. :)

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