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The EA Operations Slack workspace is an online community of people doing operations work at effective altruism aligned organisations. The purpose of the space is to facilitate the sharing of operations-related insights, best practices and advice, and thereby improve the quality of operations work done on impactful projects. Discussion covers areas including HR, recruitment, accounting, event planning, personal assistance and office management. The space was founded around five years ago, and as of October 2022 has around 550 members. 

We’re writing this post as an invitation: if you work on operations in an EA-aligned organisation, you’re very welcome to apply to be a member of the space! You can read our membership criteria here and, if you’re eligible to join, apply using this application form.

If you have questionsthe current active admins of the space are Amrit Sidhu-Brar and Sawyer Bernath. You can contact us at admins@ea-operations-slack.org

Membership criteria

The workspace has somewhat restrictive membership criteria, with the aim of fostering a high-trust environment where operations staff can share questions openly. 

You can read our full criteria here. In short, we accept anyone engaged in paid work for an organisation that passes a bar of EA-alignedness. This includes contractors/freelancers, paid local group organisers, and non-ops employees (though workspace discussion should be about operations). We also accept unpaid board members. We do make occasional exceptions to these criteria on a case-by-case basis, for example for volunteers doing unusually complex/committed operations work.

If you don’t yet meet our membership criteria, the EA Operations Facebook group may suit your needs as a more open community. The Operations tag here on the EA Forum also contains many resources you may find useful. 

Our thanks to Vaidehi Agarwalla for encouraging us to post this publicly, and drafting the post for us!

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