I'm Product Manager at the EA Hub and a community builder based in Singapore. I have a BA in Sociology. I have a background in social movement theory and structural functionalism. Currently building career capital while doing meta and operations EA projects on the side.

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AI Alignment Literature Review and Charity Comparison
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CGD launched a Global Skills Partnership program to reduce brain drain and improve migration (

It would be interesting to think about this from the perspective of EA groups, where brain drain is quite common. Part of their solution is to offer training and recognized certifications to a broader group of people in the home country to increase the overall pool of talent.

I will probably add more thoughts in the coming days when I have time to read the case studies in more depth.

EA Medicine Network

This is really exciting! Could you share what kinds kinds of events or projects you have planned?

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

Co-authors on posts should also share the karma of the post. I don't know how they should, whether it's equal split, or some percentage of the whole (e.g. if there's 100 karma each person gets 75 or something).

(I noticed this on 1 account for a post the person had co-written ~6 months ago)

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

When editing a document, it would be nice to be able to link to headings/subheadings from the main editor when writing summaries or internally linking to other sections of a post, e.g. how it's done in Google Docs (see screenshot)

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

It would be useful to have and easy way to tag / untag job and request listings when they become open or closed (so basically binary tags?)

Would also be good to have an icon next to those posts how there is for the AMAs.

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Okay, so I used a different method to estimate the total manhours and my new estimate is something like 60%. I basically assumed that 50% of Round 2 -4 in the application process is paid, and 100% of the work trial.

 I expect that established / longtermist orgs are disproportionately likely to pay for work tests, compared to new or animal / GH&D orgs. 

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Hi Linch, thanks for the input!

I'll adjust the estimate a bit higher. In the Guesstimate I do discount the hours to say that 75% of the total hours are unpaid (trial week hours cone to 5% of the total hours).

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Quick BOTEC of person-hours spent on EA Job Applications per annum.

I created a Guesstimate model to estimate a total of ~14,000 to 100,000 person-hours or ~7 to 51 FTE are spent per year (90% CI). This comes to an estimated USD $ 320,000 to $3,200,000 unpaid labour time. 

  • All assumptions for my calculations are in the Guesstimate
  • The distribution of effort spent by candidates is heavy-tailed; a small percentage of candidates may spend 3 to 10x more time than the median candidate.
  • I am not very good at interpreting the guesstimate, so if someone can state this better / more accurately than would be helpful
  • Keen to get feedback on whether I've over/underestimated any variables.
  • I'd expect this to grow at a rate of ~5-10% per year at least.

Sources: My own experience as a recruiter, applying to EA jobs and interviewing staff at some EA orgs.


Edited the unpaid labour time to reflect Linch's suggestions.

What is meta Effective Altruism?

For some reason, I'm just seeing this now. I agree, that's a good distinction between 2/3. Building on this: 

  1. New way to organize 2: 
    1. Career success "What can a person do to maximise their chance of being personally and professionally successful in their careers?"
      1. Generic career success (your 2)
      2. Career path / profession success  (e.g. how to succeed in policy, job profiles)
  2. Open to suggestions on ways to phrase 2, but it seems increasingly important in the past few years to give people concrete advice on how to succeed within a specific career path or profession. 
Writing about my job: Content Specialist, CEA

I really appreciate the level of transparency in this post! Thanks Aaron :)

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