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Is it worthwhile for an individual with an established EA-Aligned org idea to apply for the incubation program, seeing as: 1) this diverges from CE's modus operandi (at least to my mind) wherein interventions are researched, determined, and then matched to potential founders; and 2) there would be a significant time-lag (from now until February) in which the project could be significantly developed without incubation?

Thanks a lot!

Great post! I started my fire journey five years ago when I started working, but definitely ramped down its pursuit after taking the GWWC pledge and focusing more on direct EA work. Despite this reduction, I think I am probably still overvaluing my own well-being... I think my affinity for 'autonomy' and my aversion to 'active income' have made me particularly desirous of a FIRE portfolio, but I definitely see the inherent selfishness to actually pursuing this. 

Thanks for the thought-provoking post. 


Great post, Jeroen! This seems like a really accessible and pragmatic approach to take-somewhat in line with Tobias Leenaert's How to Create A Vegan World.